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Pee-wee Herman to make good on promise to inconvenienced fans

January 7, 2010 |  5:06 pm


When Pee-wee Herman announced in October his plans to move his upcoming stage show to the Club Nokia in downtown L.A. from the Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood -- a decision that included pushing the opening of the show back several weeks -- fans erupted in anger

Some out-of-towners expressed frustration over canceled airplane and hotel reservations. Others complained about the more expensive ticket structure at the Club Nokia. For a while, Pee-wee was one very unpopular comeback kid.

In a move to reach out to irate fans, Herman (a.k.a, actor Paul Reubens) said that he wanted to meet with those who had exchanged their tickets to express his gratitude in person. Now, it appears that Herman will make good on that promise.

In an e-mail that is being sent out to Music Box ticket buyers who exchanged their seats, organizers of the "The Pee-wee Herman Show" laid out directions on how they can meet the star. "I want to grovel to them in person," said the actor in a statement issued by a spokeswoman in October.

"The Pee-wee Herman Show" is a re-imagined version of Reubens' hit '80s stage show that helped to launch his film and television career. The new version was set to open at the Music Box in November. It then got pushed back to January at the Club Nokia. The show is scheduled to begin performances on Jan. 12.

The meet-and-greet with Herman is open only to those who exchanged their Music Box tickets for seats at Club Nokia. Staff will be checking for ID and tickets.

Here is the letter in its entirety...

To Pee-wee’s Very Best Fans,
Thank you for staying with us through the move from the Music Box to Club Nokia!  Pee-wee wants to meet YOU after the show and here’s how you do it:
When you arrive at the main entrance to the Club Nokia (3rd floor) for The Pee-wee Herman Show, go towards the box office.  Outside the box office you will see a Check-in table.  Bring your ID and tickets to that table. Our guest services staff will give you a wristband and stamp your ticket so that only you and ticket buyers for the Music Box can attend. 
At the end of the show, move to the bar area on the main floor of the Club.  Keep your ticket stub and make sure you do not lose your wristband. The Club staff will guide you from there.
The Pee-wee Herman Show

-- David Ng

All the arts, all the time on Twitter @culturemonster.

Photo: Pee-wee Herman at a press conference in December. Credit: Toby Canham / Getty Images

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this is so great.... Thanks Peewee.

Poor Pee Wee, he's showing his age and is maybe drifting into senility.

What a great move by a performer. He actually cares about his fan base.
Artists used to do this a lot when I was younger, before they got so entourage-heavy.
I remember first seeing Steve Martin's live stage show back in the late 70s. After his performance, he waited out in front of the theater, on the sidewalk, and stood on a bus bench to perform another routine for the crowd as they were leaving the theater.
And he wasn't surrounded by bodyguards.
Good show, Pee Wee!!!

good job...

I really wonder how funny Pee Wee actually is?

The Chicago Theatre venue was around 3,600 seating & Rosemont was 4,400 seating. But they did almost the same thing, but irate fans are getting they money back or trying to get their money back, but some have already said they will NEVAH go back to LG or listen to her music! They are finished!

It was stated that existing ticket holders were **forced** to buy another ticket for the new venue *before* they could get a refund. Putting a gun to a person's head is not the way, but then, this is LG . . . hand picked by a Bad Romance in the music industry & the Illuminati

Too bad they didn't take a page from Pee-Wee's book . . .

Just don't shake his hand!


Can't wait to see you Pee Wee!!

I had crappy balcony seats at the original theatre... now I'm in the 10th row (for only $10 more per ticket) AND I get to meet Pee Wee. Yay!

Okay, Pee Wee, all is forgiven...this time. If it ever happens again, you'll have to get Jambi to grant us a wish!

Go, PeeWee! I can't freakin' wait to see this show on Wednesday.

WAIT A MINUTE! I purchased tickets when it was @ the Henry Fonda MusicBox & later had to re-buy my Nokia tickets & I never received this special email for the meet & greet! I'm really bummed! I've been reading all about this but have no idea how to go about receiving this exclusive email!!!! I guess I'll call ticketmaster on Monday & explain the situation & give them all of the previous ticket info to prove my loyalty???? Does anyone know what I should do? I've surfed the web for answers but it looks like if you were not on the list then you didn't get the meet & greet email........... now I'getting all upset all over again. Can anyone shed some light? PLEASE! Thanks!

i want him to sign my banana

Yes, but what about the fans who bought plane tickets to LA and couldn't change their plans when he rescheduled? We were the most inconvenienced and yet we get nothing but a refund.

I booked a trip to LA (from NYC!) just to see Pee Wee but couldn't change plans when he changed his show dates and location. Shame on him.


Meet-and-greet is a bit of a misnomer, you get to attend a question and answer session with him after the show. No "meeting" or "greeting."

We got bumped from the first row next to the stage (original tickets) to top balcony way off to the side, and had to pay more money for these down graded seats. Extremely unhappy about that.

Despite all this, Paul Rueben seemed very genuine to the group of us who did attend the Q&A. In these situations, it is going to be impossible to make amends with everyone...the show is fun and is what it is, a light hearted evening with a character I was very glad to see once again.


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