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Reaction to the Tim Robbins-Susan Sarandon split

December 23, 2009 |  5:47 pm


This fall, Tim Robbins launched a multi-week performing arts festival in L.A. as a last ditch effort to save his theater company, the Actors' Gang. The festival was titled "WTF?!" -- which, Robbins explained to The Times, was his own response to learning about the dire financial condition that the company was facing.

As it turns out, "WTF?!" was also the reaction today of many Robbins fans upon learning that the actor and his longtime partner, Susan Sarandon, had separated after more than 20 years together.

Our friends at the Ministry of Gossip blog report that Sarandon's publicist has confirmed the split and that no further comments are forthcoming. The couple had reportedly separated during the summer.

Robbins and Sarandon were often cited by journalists and other celebrities as a rare example of an enduring Hollywood relationship. The couple has two sons together, Jack, 20, and Miles, 17. Sarandon has a daughter, the actress Eva Amurri, from a previous relationship.

Known for their outspoken liberal politics, Robbins and Sarandon have riled everyone from Academy Award telecast producers to conservative pundits. 

The couple worked together on the films that Robbins directed, including "Dead Man Walking" (for which Sarandon won an Oscar).

Robbins, who won his own Oscar for his supporting role in "Mystic River," met Sarandon while they were making the movie "Bull Durham," which was released in 1988.

The Actors' Gang remains one of L.A.'s best-known theater companies. Its aggressive, in-your-face aesthetic tends to divide audiences and critics. But the company has garnered a number of local awards and has also toured internationally.

When he spoke to The Times in October about the "WTF?!" festival, Robbins said that the company was intentionally flying in the face of the recession. 

"We are saying, 'This is not going to stop us.' And so the best way we can figure out for it not to stop us is to do more than we ever have in the past," he said.

Robbins also revealed that he is developing a historical play about the United States that will open early next year.

-- David Ng

Photo: Tim Robbins. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

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Who really cares?

when I first say the headlines on this story, I say the names and "split" and was hoping it meant this couple split this country (left for good). Too bad that is not the case.

The rare celebrity "news" item I find interesting... Too bad. I liked them. Maybe now Tim and Stephanie Miller will hook up. ;)

I thought liberals didn't believe in marriage?

That's too bad. I don't know the details and it's not my biz. I'm already over it.

Why is this news?

Who Cares!!

I can't stand this guy! He is a smug schmuck. She, on the other hand is a lovely woman. Don't blame her one bit for bailing!

WTF?! I heard they are both gay, that's why they're splitting. Besides, they're both total nutjob Facists.

Their relationship was as phony as their politics. My wife and i have been married for 38 years and are still happy. Why can't these superficial people maintain a relationship like so many do in America. Of course, the press only reports the divorce rate, never the success rate.

Head lining people like Sarandon and Robbins and Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy, John Belushi, and all the other losers in Hollywood - doesn't help young people form an appropriate image of adulthood. The media has a strong influence on the young with their stories on Hollywood people projected endlessly on TV and through the printed media.

When will they become as critical of these marginal people as they are toward politicians and everyone else in society. My God, they turned Heath Ledger into a minor demigod and for what - he killed himself through drug abuse. This love affair that the media has with Hollywood is dangerous and sick. Drug addiction and abberrant behavoir is not cool or constructive. It's very harmful. Just ask Heath Ledger's parents or Belushi's.

I can see a fling with a 40 year old when Tim was 28 but he's a saint for hanging on until she started receiving Social Security checks. I wonder how much Social Security a person who has made millions gets?

Who cares bunch of flaming fruityloop liberals in the mold of Fonda. I never thought Susan Sarandon was much of an actress anyway. She was never really polished in her acting always seemed a bit skittish. She probably would have made a great soap opera Queen.

My parents were married for 61 years. These two were "shacked up" for 23. Big freakin' deal.

Per the latest world-population survey by the London Times, the average marriage lasts six years. Robbins and Sarandon lasted twenty-three. Their partnership clearly posts among the world's champions. . . if one considers longevity a virtue.

how is it that so many mouth breathing, red neck hill jacks read the arts section of the LA times? love the spiteful, hateful comments on Christmas eve! way to show love and compassion.

Two ultra left morons who fed on each others wacky politics for fame. This is news????

Not surprised they never had any REAL COMMITMENT as a marriage. They were always the joke of Hollywood.

Wow. I can't believe the previous comments. Tim & Susan have surely endured the typical challenges ANY relationship faces, while maneuvering Hollywood's notoriously difficult microcosm and living in the public eye.

If you really don't think these are talented people, make sure you watch The Player or Dead Man Walking (both have over 90% approval on Rotten Tomatoes).

Personally, I respect both of them though I may not always agree with them - remember that we live in the US where FREEDOM OF SPEECH is our RIGHT.

I hope they move on and enjoy their lives and that their children (remember to think about them when you post your comments) are not damaged by this.

PS: Many of you who are not particularly sophisticated or informed, and are narrow-minded and out of touch reveal as much through your ignorant, bitter comments.

Why does David Letterman look so old?

Wow, lots of hateful people here. I guess if you don't like someone's politics it's okay to be nasty and cruel when commenting on their personal pain. Oh, yeah, and it's okay to say mean-spirited things about celebrities that you wouldn't say to your worst enemy's face...after all, famous people (and their families) are not actual human beings.

I'm curious how many of you evil people describe yourselves as "Christians." Lately that seems to be a free pass to spread hatred everywhere.

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