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Susan Boyle is back. Did you miss her?

November 23, 2009 |  5:33 pm

Boyle Susan Boyle, the show-tune singing Scottish spinster who captured global attention earlier this year for her appearances on "Britain's Got Talent," has returned -- and just in time for the holidays, wouldn't you know?

Boyle's debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" is coming out in stores and features 12 tracks including the title song from "Les Miserables" as well as pop numbers ("Wild Horses," "Daydream Believer") and religious songs ("Silent Night," "Amazing Grace").

In her review today, Times pop music critic Ann Powers wrote: "Boyle's clear but warm tone and stolid phrasing turns everything it touches into a more songful version of New Age music. It's relaxing to listen to those drawn-out syllables, gradually building toward a gentle, wavelike climax."

She added: "Boyle possesses neither an impulse to swing nor an ounce of the blues; whether she's covering the Monkees, the Rolling Stones or Madonna, Boyle sings like she's in a place of worship, surrounded by white walls and soft light, cooking up some chicken soup for the soul."

Powers wrote that Boyle is at her worst when she pushes harder. "She doesn't know how to build drama, and her throat seems to constrict as she reaches for bigger notes," wrote the critic.

As you may recall, Boyle lost to the dance group Diversity in the final round of "Britain's Got Talent."

Read Powers' entire review of Boyle's album.

-- David Ng

Photo: Susan Boyle, during a recent appearance on "America's Got Talent." Credit: Trae Patton/NBC Universal Inc.

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I'm not sure what purpose was served by David Ng's article, other than to repeat verbatim the review by Times pop music critic Ann Powers. That's fine I suppose. But why does he end by reminding his readers that Boyle lost to the dance group Diversity in the final round of BGT? Ms. Boyle, and the rest of the world, have moved on, Mr. Ng. Do try to keep up.

Excuse me, "back" from where?
After completing a 22 appearance tour with Britain's Got Talent, she was featured in a beautiful shoot in Harper's Bazaar, completed an album which has continued to amass huge numbers of pre orders, has made two trips to LA to perform on America's Got Talent and Dancing With the Stars, has made an appearance on Britain's X-Factor and Canel1 in Paris and is now in New York for the Today show and appearance as one of Matt Lauer's 10 most influential people of 2009. All of this is less than 9 months.
I repeat......."back" from where?

Millions of people love Susan Boyle's voice.

Who cares if Anne what's her name isn't one of them?


Wow. How completely archaic and condescending.

I read Powers' review. It was clear to me that Powers possibly didn't bother to listen to some of the gutsier tracks all the way through. This album is a sampler, and it showed many different sides to Ms Boyle's vocal abilities. I disagree that she doesn't know how to build drama--her recording of "I Dreamed a Dream" shows that, as do her recordings of "Proud" and "Up to the Mountain." And yes--I think I actually did miss her!

Susan Boyle, is an infrequent phenomena, uncommon star with a clean/ natural voice and that why she have millions of admirers around the world.

God bless her

Respectfully Yours


Of course I miss her. She is a miracle. She is unbelievable. Bought her CD including the song "Wing to Fly" (Japan version).

oh and how many albums have YOU sold ms. powers? oh yeah just what I thought. none!


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