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Dudamel's gala concert at Disney Hall to air on PBS

September 3, 2009 | 12:08 pm


For fans of Gustavo Dudamel who can't make it to his Oct. 8 inaugural gala concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall -- or who can't afford tickets -- we have some news to share. 

PBS is planning to tape the concert for its "Great Performances" TV series. The concert is scheduled to air Oct. 21 on PBS stations and will be followed by a DVD release from Deutsche Grammophon on Nov. 23. Arte/ZDF will broadcast the concert in Europe on Oct. 18.

The gala concert will feature the L.A. Philharmonic led by Dudamel in John Adams' "City Noir," which is a philharmonic commission, as well as Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 1. 

Dudamel is the orchestra's new music director and his arrival in L.A. is widely expected to be one of the largest cultural events in the classical music world this season.

The L.A. Philharmonic said that the Venezuelan conductor is expected to arrive officially on Sept. 30; the orchestra will greet him in the morning, and later in the day he'll have a general press briefing. Then it's on to a few days of rehearsals at Disney Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. 

The gala concert at Disney Hall shouldn't be confused with the free Oct. 3 concert at the Hollywood Bowl, "Bienvenido Gustavo," which will feature a range of music groups, many of them from the L.A. region. 

-- David Ng

Photo: conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Credit: Anna Hult / For The Times

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The LA Phil knows how to use their assets to make some money. Now let's see Michael Govan use the same approach to fund the LACMA film program. A couple of big televised charity gala premieres could go a long way towards boosting their coffers.

Have you no standards regarding the choosing of silly, awkward photos these days? I suggest that Anna must have had some better options from that series. Please....

Wonderful! How exciting.

Last Friday morning, I watched a live performance from Berlin of the opening concert of the Berlin Philharmonic. It was free on this occasion, sponsored by a major German bank. Their other concerts can also be seen live or archived, for the price of a movie at the theater. The visuals were stunning, as was the sound quality. The possibilties for live streaming, on demand video are huge for expanding the audience for classical music and to bring music to people who cannot get to the concert hall, either because of LA traffic or schdule or prices, or because they live somewhere else in the world. It's the 21st century. I would think that "the entertainment capital of the world" would be at the forefront of this.

Dentist of Note: You clearly know nothing about journalistic photography

He's no Leonard Bernstein. The LA Phil hired him because he's Hispanic from an impoverished background. Affirmative action for conductors; he should run for President.

I had the pleasure of watching Dudamel conduct the Simon de Bolivar orchestra from Venezuela at the New England Conservatory last year, rehearsals and performance. Phenomenal!!! He was quite extraordinary as were the players. It was suggested by another poster that this may be a mercy hire. No mercy needed here!!

Unfortunately, Bernstein, having been dead for nearly two decades, wasn't available. Fortunately, LA Phil prefers conductors that are actually alive. If you think Gustavo was hired for some kind of sinister reasons, you haven't been paying attention.
No, he is not Leonard Bernstein. Nobody is. However, as a conductor - and that is what he is hired to do primarily - 28-year-old Gustavo is far more experienced, accomplished and acclaimed - to put it bluntly, better - than Lenny was when he was that same age. And that is the main reason he becomes the Music Director of the LA Phil later this month.

Bravo PBS for their participation in covering an event that will chronicle a new era for "The Phil".

With the arrival of Dudamel, Los Angeles once again has the distinction of having the benefits of one of the best talented young Music Directors in the business.

Salonen's tenure has brought LAPO to internationally renowned status and to the forefront as the top American orchestra in my opinion (New York, Cleveland, San Francisco and Chicago make a strong case as well).

With Mr. Dudamel's directorship, the potential to attain greater stature is immense.

I look forward to the PBS broadcast and "our" (L.A.'s) new director's interpretaton of the Mahler 1st.


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