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Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs

September 13, 2009 | 10:30 am

Taxpayer March Ever since Glenn Beck took to the Fox television airwaves recently to offer a bizarre reading of the art commissioned 70 years ago for New York's Rockefeller Center, I've been puzzled by the graphic design element of his 9-12 Project. The logo (pictured) for his affiliated groups' rally in Washington, D.C., this weekend derives from century-old communist, socialist and other left-wing designs.

Those were the motifs he railed against in his Rockefeller rant.

For the logo, three raised and clenched red fists are superimposed over the U.S. Capitol. Obviously the bloody fist represents the tea-baggers' themes of unity and resistance.

But do Beck; the corporate-sponsored astro-turf group, FreedomWorks, headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas); the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights; the private-property group, the National Assn. of Rural Landowners; and the rest of the march sponsors know the symbol's origins?

Unity and resistance are what the fist represented in 1917, when it was first employed by the Industrial Workers of the World, a union organization founded by socialists. And in the 1940s, when it stood  for various nations' communist party organizations.

Fist Progressive Labor Party That's also what it meant when it was revived in the 1960s, appearing as a symbol for the SDS, as well as anti-war and feminist movements. It was the basis for the black-power salute given by John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. And today, it's the symbol for the Progressive Labor Party (pictured), a political outfit whose website says it "fights to smash capitalism."

Turnout for the 9-12 Project's Saturday march on Washington was a bust; 30,000 protesters signed up in advance (MSNBC reporter David Shuster tweeted that D.C. park police called that figure "generous"). But even if three times that many actually showed up, the number would fall far short of the hundreds of thousands (and even millions) claimed to be planning to attend. Even in that reduced crowd, however, surely someone recognized how odd the right-wing gathering's left-wing logo was.

Maybe Beck will explain. Sort of.

-- Christopher Knight

Credits: 912dc.org; Progressive Labor Party

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This is really getting strange. In Denver they stick the protest story way in the back of the newspaper and call it protest against Obamacare. The photo is some obscure picture. They have no clue what the march in Washington was all about. I called and ask them why they didn't run the Census dumps Acorn story and they said they can't run it. They can't run it? A major news story and they can't run it? 1.2 million people, American's on Saturday protesting against a tyrannical government and they stick it in the back of the newspaper. And then you see weird articles like this.

This is what your boys Bush and Cheney spent on the Iraqi war - $682,299,165,812 and counting...
Where were all of you when they were selling us down the river?

Can You point out were on the 9/12 website you will find that logo.

It's so sad when the liberals kill the messenger and ignore the message.

Additionally, why is it OK for liberals to steal/reify words or symbols (e.g., "gay", or the rainbow), but conservatives are not allowed?

How dare the LA Times allow the use of "Tea Baggers" within their media space?
Naive as I am at terms of insult, I find I can express my point with the most basic of terms, so I had reason to look up the term. I would require all to look it up. For if they allow the term to be used there can and should be no reason they should not allow the "N" word. It is with so much hypocrisy that the people that would use such filth would have us believe the it is the other side who is alone in ugly debate. The fact that the LA Times encourages such things is a sad testimony as to how blind they are to providing a balanced coverage.

With this article as the starting point, it is clear no reasoned discussion is possible on this site. For my generation, the government couldn't be trusted, for this generation the media can't be trusted. How sad there is no one whom can help them see that. Welcome to 1984 redo.

lol you people are so desperate.

LA Times - You prop up the actual communist (Van Jones), while trying to smear one of the most vocal proponents of individual liberty and freedom as a communist (Beck). We are not all the imbeciles you would wish for. You are busy turning lies into truth, and truth into lies, but many are awake and watching. Rather than destroying our fine democratic Civil Society, why don’t you just move to any one of the many existing nations currently implementing your plan of utopia? (China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam) Or, if you’d prefer a softer translation, you could try Russia, Iran, Egypt. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, just move to France, and wait for the Islamic revolution.
As for me, I’ll stand for our constitutionally protect government By the People – For the People. Thank God for our Founding Fathers, and their foresight of this day to come.

Hooray for liberal Abbey.

First one to equate Beck to Hitler. Wow. Say and do anything to get your way on the backs of other Americans. Is it any wonder the Democrats supported SLAVERY in this country. The Civil War was started on the premise of succession, with the right to own the slaves as an after thought, but you ask any Hood Wearing Democrat and they will admit the only reason for blacks is votes. The Democratic Party cares not for the common man, just the power the office brings. When elected the gimme amendments hit the bills, for the feel good library, road, bridge, tunnel, emergency center, disaster recovery, whatever. Not one cent will actually be "GIVEN" back to the community it came from. Democrats never set anyone free, maybe a fetus, but even they admit it wasn't "viable" to vote anyway.

If your looking for Socialist symbols, look no further than that Sunrise over the fields emblem Party Leader Obama campaigned under.

Oh my. I cannot WAIT to see what Keith O has to say about this. LOL

"It's called a constitutional republic, our form of government.
You should try it some time." - Carlos

All of the United States did just that, last November, and it went exactly as it should have. Thanks for the reminder.

MB, they called THEMSELVES tea-baggers. It's not ridicule to use the name they gave themselves, it's just funny.

"Seriously....? Don's speak anymore. OMG... so a fist was used in the logo!!! Conspiracy! woah... please.. how idiotic." - Mike Jones

Mr. Jones, anyone who uses such carefully reasoned arguments as this MUST have re-read the article to see that there is no mention of a conspiracy.

The author writes about art, and he points out artistic similarities in these graphics. The fact that similar accusations have been made about the Obama healthcare logo seems to have been conveniently forgotten by many of the commenters here.

Timothy, isn't it sad that you actually had to explain he point of the blog post? The tea baggers are so deluded and dumb that they cannot even understand the point of a tiny blog post. It's all about how the commies liberal fascist darkies are eating babies and stealing taxes; it's never about the truth.

Commieraghater, you are a case in point. That bizarre number you quoted is a straight-up lie. Even Michelle Malkin disputed it: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/09/12/celebrating-the-912-rallies/. There were no more than 80,000 people in DC for your stupid tantrum: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/protest-crowd-size-estimate-falsely-attributed-abc-news/story?id=8558055.

Whatever it takes to get the Communists out of the White House and our US Govt. is good, clenched fists, tea parties, exposing Acorn thugs, exposing Van Jones, all is good !

I see amongst these comments a multitude of ad hominem attacks against 9/12 protestors and their de facto marshall Glenn Beck. What I don't see is any attempt to actually address the issues being raised by the protestors. Certainly it is easy to be dismissive of someone if you can convince yourself of your own mental superiority. We obviously don't find the need to debate against lesser mammals.

These, however, are people. If their grievances are indeed so misguided, they should addressed for content rather than intent. If they are as wrong as you say, this should be an easy process.

Don't become trolls: engage in the debate. If you don't know what the other side is saying, pay attention.

First of all, get your facts straight. It is not Glenn Becks logo. It, in fact, belongs to Freedomworks. Beck's logo is of the snake with the 9 principles and 12 values.

Hands - fists raised in defiance of authority were symbolic of discontent with authority long before the commies or socialists ever came along.

Red, White, and Blue alternating text and imagery of the U.S. Capitol.

Red, White and Blue on the poster are the symbolic colors of our Flag, of our united Republic.

Okay the U.S. Capitol etched on the poster was built starting in 1793, that predates the coinage of the term socialism by about 47 years and Marxism by 55 years.

Oddly enough the clenched raised fist was a symbol of defiance against fascism used during the Spanish Civil War.

Not to forget the raised clenched fist was also used during the French revolution.

***HT to http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=1642181

As to your demeaning the marginalizing the protestors...do so at your own peril. 2010 will show you just how ludicrous your assessment it.

Beck didn't organize the march, of which in every city gerated from 500 to 6000 people. DC's march brought 1.5 MILLION people, all with jobs, unlike liberal protestors, who paid for their own way and made their own signs.

Try to get the facts straight before you put them forth as news.

Christopher Knight better launch an investigation into The Howard Stern Show as well, since their symbol is a fist. I bet Mr. Knight is the new Dan Brown with all his imaginative symbol reporting. Wow, what an asset to the LA Times. I’m surprised this rag isn’t bankrupt yet……

First Republicans became known as POLITICAL TERRORISTS FOR SPREADING LIES AND TERRORIZING OUR ELDERLY WITH DEATH PANELS AND EUTHANAZIA, now they are associated with COMMUNISM? Now we have seen it all.

Who cares how many whiny losers showed up for a march orchestrated by a bunch of paid cranks? Call the Waaaahmbulance! They had 36 million people show up on a single day to protest President Bush's decision to start a preemptive war across the world, a war dooming hundreds of thousands of people to death including over 4000 brave young Americans. Did Bush listen to the people protesting him? NO! He won the election and he did wanted he wanted. He earned his political capital and he intended to spend it. Elections have consequences.

Obama ran on a platform with a major goal of providing Universal Health Care. He has said he'd love a single payer system for over 2 years, but realized that was probably not a political possibility. However, he did run on health care reform and he won the election by HUGE MARGINS. The US House and Senate are now Democratically controlled super-majorities. The populace wants health care reform.

Obama won the election and he gets to decide what we do, not a bunch of losers, no matter how angry they are that a black muslim communist nazi czar usurper from Kenya has defeated them soundly in battle for hearts and minds of the people.

First Republicans became known as POLITICAL TERRORISTS FOR SPREADING LIES AND TERRORIZING OUR ELDERLY WITH DEATH PANELS AND EUTHANAZIA, now they are associated with COMMUNISM? Now we have seen it all!

The real hypocrisy shows up if you know what these rallys were supposed to be. The project was called 9/12 because Glenn Beck "wept" on the air for what had happened to his beautiful country. He remembered the day after 9/11/2001, when the country came together as one. He wanted to get back to that time, and unite the country, so he planned the 9/12 Project.

If you go to the website, you will see his purpose at the very top of the page. It reads: The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we... were not obsessed with Red States or Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

I didn't think he should have been using our nation's greatest tragedy to further his cause, but the stated cause seemed noble enough.

When I saw the photos from the rally, I was disgusted and outraged. It was simply a low-class Obama Hate-fest. The signs were filled with hatred, bigotry, and a lot of ignorance, and there was NOTHING in the events that indicated a desire to bring the country together.

So Glenn Beck lied about the purpose of his project, abused the tragedy of 9/11 to promote it (how low can he go?) and leads a movement of hatred, lies and destructive agression that can only harm his "beautiful country that he loves so much." Most of the media never mention this huge steaming pile of hypocrisy.

I wasn’t aware that a fist’s only meaning or symbolism was Communism. Thanks for the info. I guess if this is what the LA Times deems as a “real story”, I can sort of understand why the country is in the mess it is. Instead of focusing on the fact that there were almost a million+ people at this march, who were not part of a right wing conspiracy, Mr. Knight decided to take this approach. That’s some reporting Mr. Knight. You’re a true credit to your profession and I’m sure your parents are super proud that this is what you write about; fictional things that don’t really exist. You should try writing fiction. Good luck with that!
PS, Barry, Nancy, Harry and the rest of the Dems said the check is in the mail.

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