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Miley Cyrus and the stripper pole: What do you think?

August 11, 2009 |  5:02 pm

Miley Cyrus' brief flirtation with a stripper pole on Fox's Teen Choice Awards on Monday night has people buzzing today with online forums and message boards lighting up with adjectives like "inappropriate," "shocking" and "trashy." 

But was it really any of those things? As Culture Monster recently reported, pole dancing is fast losing its risque stigma, thanks in part to gyms and fitness centers that use the pole for workouts. In the dance world, the stripper pole has become the focus of a new competitive sport that has followers all over the world. Even family-friendly Cirque du Soleil has hired a pole dancer for its "Zumanity" production.

Cyrus, 16, is reported to have said her on-air pole dance was intended as an homage to her small-town, trailer-park roots. However you want to parse that statement, the teen star's actions have clearly succeeded in sending mixed messages. That the stripper pole was planted on top of an old-fashioned ice cream cart -- a symbol of childhood innocence and wholesomeness -- only heightens the cognitive dissonance. 

So what did you think about Cyrus' little dance Monday night? Take a minute to vote.

-- David Ng

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I believe people are making this way more than what it is she used the pole so she wouldn't fall I work in health care I see young girls alot younger than her that have on shorter shorts and do worse things then dance on pole

billy ray cyrus and his wife should be ashamed of themselves for pimping their underage child out like this. these people love to play the religion card and take money from their fellow christians because they want everybody to think she's a virgin and playing for the jesus team. i hope those people see that they're hypocrites. disney should dump her fast. she's trash, just like her parents. and she's not even pretty.

It wasnt only that she danced on a stripper pole, which was bad enough, but where she did it, at a teenage event, now a day teenage viewers start before 13, this was inappropriate and not only was Miley Cyrus at fault but so was the program and producers who knew this was happening. Shame on them all.

Everybody needs to CHILL OUT. She is about to turn 17 if she wants to hold on to a pole so she doesnt fall off of the cart she can do so. She was not pole dancing or pole riding. This has been taken out of hand she did an appropiate dance. And her outfit was ahhdorable. It was cute not sexy she is just acting like a normal teenager.

I actually didn't find the dance as offensive as the costume...which was underwear

I vaguely remember reading that Walt Disney called Annette Funicello into his office before she made the beach party movies, telling her that her appearance and deportment in the films would be considered a reflection on the Disney Studios. The Cyrus parents don't seem to care that their daughter is being pushed into portraying herself as a provacative, sexual being when she's still mostly a child. The Vanity Fair photo and this little dance make me question the judgment of her parents and handlers. Still, you can't expect the 16-year-old to have good judgment about this sort of thing because most kids can't wait to show how grown up they are, so her parents have really dropped the ball.

I personally think people are blowing things way out of proportion. I am a parent of a 9 year old who is a huge Miley fan and I had no problem letting her watch the performance on TV nor the LIVE versions that are on the web which show more of the dance. This is FAR from pole dancing, check the web and you can find real videos of what it is. She dropped down once that was it, it's just sad how people are treating this.

As to her attaire, again I have no issue. I have seen tons worse on a daily basis. Just yesterday I saw a girl wearing shorts with a crotch that was ripped out and a tank top with no bra. As to the shorts, we sell them in the store I work at, it's the style. Just like skinny leg jeans for fall.

People bring up the subject of "role model" all the time in regards to situations like this, but I always question why is any parent letting a celebrity raise their kids? Shouldn't their role models be people who they know and can look up too, not someone on TV or in music?

And one more thought...years ago in the time of a million boy bands, each of these groups performed and did thrusts, grabbed themselves, etc in front of many of us, who are mothers now. As a kid, I never heard anyone say it was wrong, or argue that these groups were inappropriate for kids, or they were bad role models. Now fast forward to today, and suddenly a simple dance move is making people say a performance was unacceptable. Is this simply a change in times and a loss of innocence when people would let things go, or does it have something to do with the fact that the person in question is female?

I wonder if anyone else notices that the first performer at the TCA had 2 girls up on poles during his performace too? I don't hear anyone complaining about that...or the fact that George Lopez was talking to teens and saying they were like Latinos because they both have fake ID's.....or the fact that the black eyed peas were bleeped??? All this on the same show that Miley danced holding onto a pole on an ice cream cart....which if you've ever seen ice cream carts they all have poles on them to hold umbrellas....

Ok end of long ramble....

People need to stop making excuses for her saying shes just being a normal teenager because normal teenagers are not on TV and get paid millions a year. So she should take more responsibility for the position of a role model that she is in. You cant have all the rewards and none of the responsibility.

Also, most teenagers might behave the same way but in case people havent noticed, we also have a high number of underage pregnancies.

"Miley Cyrus' brief flirtation with a stripper pole...has people buzzing today with online forums and message boards lighting up with adjectives like 'inappropriate,' 'shocking' and 'trashy.'"

Inappropriate, shocking and trashy? Sounds like she's well on her way to becoming a major pop star like Britney and the rest of them. I liked Bethanie's comment about Annette Funicello being reprimanded by Walt Disney. It seems just the opposite these days. I think Disney is partly to blame for teen pop sensations pushing the envelope.

Was the stripper pole really on an ice cream cart? That's just weird.

hhheeeyyyyy yyyyyooooouuuuu aaaaaarrrrrrreeee aaaaaaaa dddissssggrraaaaaaccccccefffffffffulllllllll !

i dont think it was a stripper pole. people r making waayy to big of a deal out of this. think about it: i was on top of the ice cream cart, so wasnt it probably an umbrella pole? also she obviously didnt choreograph this, so its not like she thought of it herself.

Ever since the Vanity Fair fiasco, I don't allow my children to watch Hannah Montana on the grounds that Miley Cyrus is a poor role model. Her immodest escapades are very disturbing as she does it in front of children and teens. I consider the industry that supports her wolves in sheeps costumes. Parents beware!

I'm a 15 year old girl and I can't stand Miley Cyrus, Destiny Hope, Hannah Montana, whoever this thing is.
Not all of her fans are complete idiots. And if you let your child watch this blatant disregaurd for the '"Teen" Choice Awards title(TEEN! NOT 21 and older, where she needs to be dancing at) your children should be taken away from you. 9? You have got to be trolling me. Your child is young and impressionable, and excuse me if I have enough sense to realise that this isn't appropriate for young teenage girls. And please, don't give me that 'she's being a normal teen' crap. Maybe that's wrong with America! All the 'normal' teens are doing this crap here! I'm almost sixteen, and I have no desire to be on a ice cream truck (which brings me to another point later on) with a pole on it dropping it like it's hot and clinging to the frickin pole. We need to stop our young girls from doing this, 'cause we all know Miley Cyrus just showed us a fraction of her true self tonight. And really, you guys do not see past the meaning of this whole show? The Ice Cream Truck: Metaphor for licking. Need I say more? I think not. The pole: *Snort.* Let me not get started. People surrounding her grinding their hips and throwing their hands up. That reminds me: What the hell is she doing bucking her hips while on a pole? Shame on the producers for letting this disgusting at go on, shame on parents for letting their children go, and shame on her trailer-trash dirt-poor(well not no more since they pimped their kid out) parents.

This latest "scandal" is the lamest yet. The pole was no stripper's pole, but a prop for her to hold onto while they carted her across the stage. I mean, she does nothing remotely stripper-esque while holding onto that thing! As for the "risque" dancing... C'mon!! Nothing Miley does in this performance features any moves that haven't been seen a million times before. Let's face it. It's the short-shorts that's got you more sensitive types outraged. Britney was 17, remember when she first burst on the scene a decade ago. Recall that sexy Rolling Stone cover she did?? Lighten up, prudes.

wow. first of all. the pole was not appropriate. i dont believe she was pole dancing or anything but it was still there. instead of a pole there could have been a railing or something a little less controversial for her to hold on to. but my big concern with her whole performance was her outfit. the shorts were ok, but that shirt with like the whole back of her bra showing? completely innopropriate. i cant believe that her parents would let her wear that on national television AND they were in the audience watching that! i did like the song though, even though the performance really wasnt very appropriate.

I think she is being stupid. And just because she is a big Disney Channel Star dosnt mean she can do that. Also if her parents did know about it she would be in big big trubble.

Look at it more closely; part of her performance was to sing on an ICE CREAM CART. She can't sing and dance at the same time without any support, especially if the ice cream cart is MOVING. It's not a stripper pole, it's a support pole. Whoever her choreographer is gave the audience the wrong message, because it's just a support pole to prevent her from falling. Get it now?

My daughter will no longer watch Miley (the slut) Cyrus on my television. The program will be blocked. Also, I think Billie Ray Cyrus should be arrested for neglect, she is after all a minor. Evidently, he doesn't care that his daughter is turning out to be a pole dancing hooker, evidently he can look the other way when the money is good. Typical of Hollywood. Look at all the neglectful parents such as Paris Hilton's parents, Lindsay Lohan's mother (what a joke), Britney Spears hoosier family and so on and so on. These parents all have one thing in common, they will sell their children to whomever so that they can collect the almighty dollar. HMMMM, ever heard of selling children for sex? Sounds just like Hollywood except the sluts of Hollywood have better clothes.

You call that pole dance. If I went to a strip bar and a striper came out and danced like that around a pole, I would demand that she pay me.

That was nothing. Anyone who sees her perfomance as sexy is perverted and needs to be added to the pedophile list so people will know to avoid you.

She squated once for about 5 seconds and never touched the pole with anything but her hand. She was using it to keep herself steady so she wouldn't fall, especially while the cart was moving. If they had added an umbrella to the top of the pole, no one would have said anything.

Sure it was just a performance and she may have just been acting like a teenager, but when so many young girls are watching her and seeing her as their role model then it becomes a huge deal. If she had an older fan base with the majority of kids being her age then that would have been fine (still uneeded) but fine. However, this is not the case, and Miley and her parents should have thought a little more about what they were doing.

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