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L.A. Urban Rangers brave the exclusive beaches of Malibu

August 16, 2009 | 10:00 am

Who knew Malibu's tony beaches were filled with so many vicious predators? (And we're not talking about sharks, folks.)

On any given safari conducted by the Los Angeles Urban Rangers, there's a good chance that you'll run into an angry property owner demanding that the group gets off his or her "private" land. 

The confrontations can sometimes turn ugly, as shown in the above video in which Ranger Jenny and Ranger Nick do their best to fend off a couple of verbal attacks. The L.A. Urban Rangers say that their goal isn't to pick a fight but rather to inform the public about its right to walk on land that belongs to everyone.

In case you were wondering, the L.A. Urban Rangers aren't affiliated with an official parks organization. They are in fact a performance group that adopts the ranger persona as part of its act. Currently, they operate along the beaches of Malibu but are planning to bring their unique form of urban exploration to downtown L.A. in the not-so-distant future.

Read the full story to meet the intrepid gang behind the L.A. Urban Rangers.

-- David Ng

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Welcome to Malibu! We are proud to host over 6 million visitors a year to our pristine beaches. We hope you had a nice visit!
Your friend and fellow ocean lover,
Pamela Conley Ulich
Malibu City Council

Hey, Thanks for the gracious welcome Pamela!

Where exactly is your beachfront located? Would love to stop by sometime and use the high tide area in front of a home owned by someone more welcoming than the abusive, angry residents in this video!

Your fellow freedom loving American,


That rich guy has a lot of balls but not much else - Ranger Jenny is pretty and so not old and ugly and Ranger Nick is just plain hot. Between angry Malibu homeowner and the urban rangers, I know who I'd rather be following around on our PUBLIC beaches.

Thank you for the invite,Pamela.

Unfortunately, I will never go to Malibu unless it's to the Getty Villa. The Malibu or should I say Melibu folks are a little too Mississippi 1950's for my taste. I will continue to go to Sunset Beach where the people are cool, the water is clean and the parking is free.


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