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Berkeley Rep announces cast for Green Day's 'American Idiot'

August 3, 2009 | 12:20 pm


A Tony-winning actor and a handful of Broadway veterans are among the just-announced cast for "American Idiot," the new musical from the rock band Green Day. The show, based on the band's Grammy-winning 2004 album of the same name, is opening in September at Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

The production is being directed by Michael Mayer, who directed "Spring Awakening" on Broadway. Mayer collaborated with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong on the story for the musical.

Featuring a live, onstage band, "American Idiot" is something of a rock picaresque, about a group of working-class characters as they travel from the suburbs to the big city to the Middle East.

Leading the youthful cast will be John Gallagher Jr., who won a featured-actor Tony in 2007 for his performance in "Spring Awakening." Gallagher will play the lead role of Johnny in the musical alongside a cast of 18 other actors.

Michael Esper, who debuted on Broadway last season in "A Man for All Seasons," will play Will; Mary Faber, who was seen in Broadway's "Avenue Q," will play Heather; and Rebecca Naomi Jones, who performed in "Passing Strange," is set to play a character called Whatsername. Also featured in the cast is Matt Caplan, Tony Vincent and Christina Sajous.

"American Idiot" will contain all of the songs in the original Green Day album, according to Berkeley Rep. The show will also feature several songs from Green Day’s recent "21st Century Breakdown."

-- David Ng

Photo: members of Green Day. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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This is awesome.
I cannot WAIT to see it.
Great choices.

Oh my effen god! I can't wait until I see it. I love Green Day with all my heart and always will. I look to Billie Joe like a father, a cute one ;) I have been growing up on Green Day and even though I'm in Australia, I'll find a way to see this play, I have to!
I love you Billie Joe, Tre and Mike!!

OMG! I LOVE Green Day, they are my absolute favorite band. I also LOVE musicals, Im a total theatre geek. So when I heard that they were making a musical out of American Idiot, I was totally psyched. But now I'm estatic. I LOVE SPRING AWAKENING! and so the fact that American Idiot will be directed by the director of Spring Awakening makes me soooo happy. And OMG John Gallagher Jr is AMAZING, I can't wait!

thats sooo awesome dude, i cant wait to see it but i probly cant scream in a theatre which will be difficult O_o

Wow! This is a fantastic New! I love GREEN DAY with all my heart and always will. They are my favorite band! Their music to me has always been close in the most important moments of my life!!!
I regret that I am so far away, I would be able to see beautiful!

awesome green day is my favorite band and i am in theatr as well! soo this is cool

Olive St. Park , Rog..s, Ar, 2001 : Andrew Call sang Buddy Holly music with school cohorts-what a force came to listen to it's special effect that evening,all felt better after hearing the performance and we wanted more . Good luck buddy boy.

The eventuallity that the American Idiot will be 'true grit' is going to occur in August 2009. A special and new momemtum of social bonding will be rendered twix brothers and sisters who will have found a musical medium to shine on and reflect outwardly .

Don't worry be happy and upbeat, it's the best movement toward reaching the
goal of the American Idiot's dream.

Johnny???? His name is Jimmy...Saint Jimmy. I dont know about this...Im excited but a little let down....this might kill the actual story-line to the album...i really hope this'll work out. I love this Album and i want to see how the rest of the world will be veiwng the little story of Jimmy.Is the actor really going to 'blow his brains out' as Jimmy does on Homecoming...Heehee id like to see that. Well i cant wait and ihope it'll be good...and/or accurate...

Will and heather?? Where's Tunny??

This American Idiot Production of 2009 is turning into a 'Merry Go Round': if you want to circle the American Idiot you should hurry-hear me!

Be sure and shake the sand out of you socks before you be washed out of this very , begining to end,'and',very true grit and very exciting musical venue of the free world.

It's time to crawl out of your indifferent hole and put 'yuh' hammer on the mark you have made for creative humanity and those wonderfull people who can't quit doing something to make the Green Earth a better place to inhabit.


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