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Bravo, Sarah Jessica Parker launching art-themed reality series

July 1, 2009 |  2:05 pm

Parker It was only a matter of time for art to jump on TV's reality bandwagon. A cable series focusing on the contemporary art scene is in the works at Bravo. The show (whose title has not yet been announced) is being produced by Sarah Jessica Parker through her company Pretty Matches, along with the Magical Elves production company ("Top Chef," "Project Runway") and "Runway" producer Eli Holzman.

In the series, 13 contestants will compete for a gallery exhibition, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour. The artists will create works in the fields of sculpture, painting, photography, industrial design and more. Their completed works will be judged by a panel of art world figures including gallerists, collectors, curators, critics and fellow artists. The finalists' work will be featured in a nationwide museum tour.

Bravo, which is owned by NBC Universal, is in the casting phase of the show. Open casting calls are scheduled this month for Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York. According to the application instructions for potential contestants, the show's producers are looking for "emerging or mid-career" artists who work in any number of the following fields: painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography and mixed-media.

No air dates have been announced for the hourlong series. Keep reading for a list of the open casting call venues ...

Los Angeles
10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 11-12

10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 14
Fredric Snitzer Gallery

10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 16

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sullivan Galleries, 33 State St.

New York
10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 18-19
White Columns

— David Ng

Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker. Credit: WireImage

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It's really not so much about what you do on the show rather than to gain some exposure. if your work, your personal work not that from the show rocks than you'll get some huge biz rolling towards you. no worries.
this, just like the internet is a huge and new opportunity for artists to get their work out. I understand that many of the older generations can't wrap their head around this and consider this as blasphemy. I had many debates about these topics and all I say is:"go with the time". a DaVinci would have used the most modern tools (and did - he invented them himself) to create art and to promote art. so in a sense people that condemn this are more antiquated in their thinking than the guy from the renaissance.

To Charles: You're absolutely right, we don't know what will happen, but that's not what this thread is about is it. We are all here to make judgments based on what Bravo and this show is (might be). The fact that you think this show will give recognition to artists says you understand about 1/4 of what bothers what MICK refers to as the "older generations".
Maybe you can explain better, what artists will be allowed on the show based on television regulations alone? Will there be nudity, Jesus Christ getting a blowjob perhaps? This is a sugared up idea for a cookie cutter audience and in no way reflects anything to do with art.
If you actually expect this show is the vehicle to push boundaries then you haven't seen any artwork to begin with and probably should just collect your check from Bravo for being a good little sycophant suck-up. Don't go to any museums or to the library because they don't want you.
Exactly which artists careers have taken off or bombed for weirder reasons than being on tv?
Either take a side and add something or keep your neutral say-nothing, have no point of view jabs to yourself. This show sends a pretty loud message.

you can't just talk like you know.... you have to know.

Of course, "trained" artistes could perform better than those who are truly creative artists, who learn though livng in the real world, This is the false one of TV. A perfect place for the Pavlovian droves to amuse their masters, the rich and spoiled, who set the agenda of "fine" art, as it is for their amusement, an absurdist one of dried up emotions and decadent lifestyle.

It took Cezanne years to finish a painting, using the newest techniques, one he created himself. How you gonna create with the noise and distraction and focus on entertainment going on around you? What could you possibly make that isnt pandering to the crowd, catering to the camera, focused on career as a professional over art as a creative force? You will get more twisted Michael Jackson type enterainers, not Coltrane like empassionaed artists.

Its a show by and for wannabes, and nothing is worse than being something you are not. In creative art one must create their own visual communciation, not language like in words, which are false manmade creations.But by triggering vast emotions of more, of life, of nature, of mankind, of god. Now how exactly are you gonna do that with a camera in your face, as only narcissists would ever attempt to do.

Once again proving that the avant garde doesnt exist, and certainly never has or ever will come from an art academy. The Pavlovian training station.
art collegia delenda est

On another note - Reality shows are not serious, they are fun. Fun is a weird concept, because in the art world, fun is rebellion against art and also, frivolous - not serious.
But the reality show's conflicts also depends on editing, so you can make the highs higher and the lows lower. Editors have a lot of power - a lot more than artists or "the talent" in this case. Most reality shows are edited as morality tales anyways....and as we know, art is all about being moral and righteous and beautiful.
At any rate, kids benefit from having something to aspire to. A field trip to the art museum can be pivotal in the life of an 8-yr old girl living in a trailer park.
Can we assume that the applicants to this show are the sort of artists who equate validation in art with attainment of riches? That's not an unreasonable assumption, since fame and riches are what the show promises (or at least implies)..

Speculations, speculations, speculations. let's just see first how the show goes than judge.
Art doesn't always have to shock, in fact if you need your work to shock than your technique and ideas are probably lacking. it's the oldest trick in the book to attract attention. it's a lot harder to come up with something impressive that doesn't make you vomit or horny. if opponents think that this is bad publicity than it's probably because they got rejected or just don't have the right drive and speed. any publicity is a good one, no matter what. it's then up to the individual to turn it the right way. if lousy actors like Reagan and Arnold can become high ranking politicians than these artists can become well renowned artists as well.
not sure what and why all this resentment, but I know that the show hasn't yet aired, so let's give it a chance first and then talk. ...it's all just speculations right now.

Actually I'm not waiting to see how it does. I'd like to off-set public opinion and send a message back at Bravo that I'm not interested and get as many people on my side as possible - because myself and many others don't want to see this become the medium for which art is appreciated. It should be on the terms set by artists, not Bravo or SJP.
What can one say... I'd rather be someone with no agenda accept to stick my finger in the eye of others when they are not seeing straight.
BTW- "shock art" is not the oldest trick in the book or "lacking" either MICK. In fact some of the best, most groundbreaking work was always considered shocking, it wasn't accepted and the artist generally died poor, it was always after the fact that it was discovered for its genius. This is a re-occurring theme in human society with many also non art figures – Socrates as well as all the scientists that were considered heretics because they said the earth was not the center of the universe. As far as artists - Manet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Rauschenberg.. etc, in other words check your art history Mick.
Some of the worst artists like Jeff Koons do employ the oldest trick in the book (make it big, make it red and make it shiny) and enjoy the most success. It's only because of ideas like this show that morons on tv get ahead and we had presidents like Reagan and governors like Arnold. I for one would rather not wait to "see first how the show goes". Because we obviously recognize the fundamental flaws now.

To dedicatedartists a.e. - I have a load of comments about your Comments directed to me, but the website won't let me put them on right now.
If this happens to get by, email me at Fastslap6 on AOL.

To dedicatedartists etc.: First, be aware that making nasty, false cracks about someone you know nothing about greatly undermines any logic to your arguments, making you sound like whiny little kids mad because someone has contradicted you. (Check from Bravo, museums and libraries don't want me - really now.)
Furthermore, I did NOT say I expect this show to push boundaries. Nor did I say it will give recognition to artists - but it will. For better or worse, I believe a LOT of people in the art world will be watching it, some with an open, critical mind, others leering at it as I assume you will be. Whether anything good comes of it remains to be seen.

Hey Dedicated. If you don't like the idea of the show...don't watch it. Quit with the bleeding heart nonsense. Not all art has to contradict the system or promote bra-burning. What about comic books and cartoons? Believe it or not, some artists just like to tell fun stories. What about web design...or people who just wanna paint to paint?

The show is formulaic and, yes, will probably bring more laughs than respect to the artists involved.

But you're not involved. So pipe down.

An Art show how can apply for it,(i live in Texas, any casting in here?)
i can not wait until this show airs is going to be great.

This idea is terrific. Everything will shake out and all will be well. As an artist one of my very favorite things to do is get together a group, usually children, and all using the same pile of stuff, see what materializes. Its mindblowing and awesome. Most recent was mud and sticks to create people. Even the so-called troublemaking boys (can you say creative?) (an elementary 4th grade class), even the extremely shy girls (can you say complex?) and everyone else, made the most imaginative creations. I like to think I can come up with out of the box stuff, but get-togethers like this always set me back upright and on to wider horizons. Thank you Ms. Parker! I have done the portrait thing with kids and I have to say, it was more creative, but still, I can't wait to see what is next. Thanks again! Kezia in Chicago.

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