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Holocaust survivors to see play about failure to rescue Jews

June 10, 2009 |  9:11 pm

Accomplices In the opposite of a soothingly escapist matinee, an audience of Holocaust survivors is scheduled to see a dramatization of American indifference to European Jewry's plight during World War II, as they attend a special Thursday performance of Bernard Weinraub's "The Accomplices" at the Odyssey Theatre in L.A.

The play by the former New York Times reporter had its L.A. premiere at the Fountain Theatre last summer, and a transfer of that production is at the Odyssey through this weekend.

Fountain spokeswoman Lucy Pollak said that the pro-Israel group Stand With Us organized the visit by the survivors. The show depicts the efforts of a real-life protagonist, Peter Bergson, from 1940 to 1944 as he presses for U.S. action to help endangered Jews escape from the Nazis. The play depicts him encountering foot-dragging and overt anti-Semitism from the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, especially from the State Department, as well as a reluctance among American Jewish leaders to push forcefully for making the rescue of the Jews a wartime priority for America and its allies.

The Fountain's website says that all performances are sold out.

-- Mike Boehm

Photo: Steven Schub (in suit) plays Peter Bergson in the Fountain Theatre's production of "The Accomplices." Credit: Ed Krieger.

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I have never heard a realistic plan of doing so. What the hell were we supposed to do? These camps were in Poland mostly, kinda difficult to get there, and then what? Considering how unprepared we were for war at the time, what transportation options we had, exactly how were we to do anything? We cannot save the world, but nearly did by winning the war, with the Soviets doing the bulks of the work in Europe, we in the Pacific, and to some degree the Commuists in China, Chiang Kai Shek more interested in fightin the commuinsts too. And the commonwealth.India, Australia, etc

How exactly were we to change anything? We were still in our Depression, and sacrificing thousands of Americans for a doomed project is what you wanted. Dont be absurd. the Holocaust was a horrible thing, one of the most extreme examples of mans inhumaioty, yet there were many others, The Japanese killed far more Chinese, and the Nazies Russians, just not systematically and in cold blood like this. The only thing we could have done we later in the war bombed the hell out of the camps, killing all inside, and so more could not be sent, but would have been killed in the fields instead. Only half of the Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust were in camps, the rest, especialy in the east, were killed in ditches like the Serbs did to the muslim Bosnians recently.

We were still in the midst of lynching black folks here, the 1920s were the peak of power of the KKK, and more than ten thousand lynsched, plus countless others terrorized and maimed, and killed in other ways. It was no different than what was happening to the Jews up unto the Final Solution was enacted. Which was at the end of the war. Doing so would only have made the klan and other isolationist powers like the neo nazi Lindberg types more powerful. Get a clue. Stop being so damn myopic, its not about you, its about humanity. This was one horrible crime among many.

art collegia delenda est

Adolf Hitler, for those who have not noticed, is dead. Pretty soon every German who was an adult during the National Socialist era will have joined him, so someone else must be found to blame for the evil of the period: the new bad guys are the victorious Allies--particularly the British and Americans.
In 2005, on the anniverary of the liberation of Aushwitz by te Red Army, Israeli and Jewish dignataries around the world make almost identical speeches containing the complaint that the Allies "did not do enough" to help the Jews during the Holocaust. This mantra is gaining strength by those who operate "the Holocaust" industry.
The libel has been thrown around for decades and quashed extensively by William Rubenstein in his book "The myth of rescue". If the US State Department and British Foreign Office were unsympathetic to the condition of Jews in Europe prior to WW2, so what? They were also unsympathetic to the plight of Gypsies,Homosexuals, Balts, Tartars, and the millions of political prisoners in all the European dictatorships.
What is peculiar is it rarely mentioned that the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Russians, Serbs, Czechs, Ukrainians, Croats, Bosnians and some others gleefully joined the Nazis in murdering all the jews that they could get their hands on in occupied territory acting in such a bestial manner that even the SS complained repeatedly at their uncivilised behaviour*. Vichy France of course merely rounded the jews up and shipped them to Germany.
But then the media centres of the world are in LA, New York and London aren't they?

*War of the World" Niall Ferguson


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