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A California arts funding bill reaches crucial stage

May 19, 2009 |  5:37 pm

Capitol Arts institutions in California need all the money they can get at this point, and a new bill currently making its way through the halls of Sacramento is poised to help.

If it can only make its way out of committee, that is.

AB 700, better known as the Creative Industries & Community Economic Revitalization Act 2010, is designed to funnel 20% of the sales tax from the sale of art and art supplies to the California Arts Council.

The bill is set to go in front of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. As our friends over at the LA Stage Alliance have noted, however, this is the committee that has killed similar bills in the past two years and acts as a gatekeeper to a full Assembly vote.

To encourage committee members to nudge the bill along, the LA Stage Alliance has set up links through which people can e-mail and/or fax their support of the plan to Kevin de Leon, who is chair of the Appropriations committee.

-- David Ng

Photo: The Capitol building in Sacramento. Credit: Los Angeles Times