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Britain has someone to Idolize too: Susan Boyle

April 14, 2009 |  2:16 pm

Last week, Culture Monster gave a nod to "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert, sharing an early look at the singer (and our eagle-eyed assessment of the then-unknown talent) in a production of a musical version of "The Ten Commandments" we’re quite sure we'll never forget.

Now we cross the pond to give you a glimpse of another singer -- this one a bit older than the 26-year-old Lambert. Please meet Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old contestant in “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Now, many of us at Culture Monster are, shall we say, less than fans of “Les Miserables,” finding that the music makes us tres miserable. However, we can spot a talent when we hear one. So we share with you a snippet of Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from the Boublil and Schonberg musical. 

You can see a full clip of Boyle’s performance here. (Be sure to catch the expression on judge Simon Cowell's face, as well as those of many in the audience.)

-- Lisa Fung

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A voice that compares to the greats, Garland, Ella and Striesand. Where has this woman been? Where do I buy stock in her future ????? wow.

What we are witnessing, with Susan Boyle, is the birth of one of the greatest singing talents in all of human history...and we who are alive today get to witness it! How greatful we all should be. And how stunned we all are. A common woman. A loner. A giant that no one who knew her or knows her--her neighbors, her friends, her coworkers, her relatives, anyone that had any contact with her whatsoever--realized the staggering, once-in-a-planet's- entire-history talent that lay sleeping within this woman like a female sleeping beauty's version of Pavrotti. How could you know someone like this and not see or witness even of glimpse of this stunning talent? Shame on you!

She doesn't really have the best voice ever but WOW ! most inspiring performance in recent memory.

Wow... There is something about her voice that goes right to the soul of a person , absolutely a turning point in music with this Susan Boyle

I have listen to this clip over and over again. What a wonderful pleasing voice. The most shocking thing of this clip is that like school kids on a play ground the judges and the audience could see no beauty in this human until it was thrown in their face. I guess we are all guilty.

Susan Boyle summed up in 1 word: Wow!!!

Unequivocally, Susan Boyle is the best non-professional female singer I have ever had the pleasure to hear.

Moreover, Susan Boyle is certainly 1 of the 5 best ever female singers--both professional and novice--that I have ever heard, and possibly the best!

I definitely want to hear much more from her and cannot wait until she produces her first album.


Jim Melin San Jose, California USA

The light, love and voice from within certainly shone brightly when this amazing lady from a working class district followed her dream.
I was born in Scotland and now live in Australian and I enjoy watching American Idol and yes I think Adam will win. I was sent this clip of Susan Boyle from my friend Linda who lives in Miami, USA and I must say no matter how good I think Adam is, Susan Boyle touched my heart and if they were competing in the same contest I would not be able to choose the winner. Susan has sent out a message to us all that no matter your age you can follow your dream and reach for the stars…..

There is a couple of interviews out there on youtube and a British tv show as she explains a bit about her history in general, so before those who say here on comments said shame on the neighbors, she sang in choirs and even admitted to do kareoke, been singing within her villages since she was 12 but said personal circumstances prevented her from persuing the singing, but she is doing so now. I highly believe if in her church choir, her congregation, friends and neighbors knew the talent in their midst. It was her life circumstances and her choices then and now that kept her from and now to the world. I just hope Simon and Sony/BMG or whomever sings her doesn't do what they did to Leon Jackson, get the cd's out there, market and support her and don't blame the artist if the cd doesn't sell. Exposure and marketing is also a big part of the deal, Simon.

I have watched her clips over and over and I'm not even a fan of her type of music. Will I buy her albums. Absolutely. All of them....and I haven't bought any albums for years. She is mesmerizing.... and touches the souls of those who hear her voice. I feel blessed to have heard her.

I have watched the video many times since seeing it yesterday...she's a wonderful "natural" talent and I hope she really makes it big in the music industry and makes tons of money. I watched an interview on Scottish TV the day after the competition and she is so sweet. so unassuming and truly deserving of some recognition as a wonderful singer. Hopefully Simon can do for her what he for Paul Potts who is now touring the world(currently in New Zealand)and recording and making lots of bucks......I am keeping my fingers crossed for you Susan!!! I read this morning that Simon IS working on a recording deal for her..........!!!

I don't like that type of music either but she made me cry, and I'm a cynic. She puts all those plastic modern singers to shame.

She is to singing as David Helfgott is to the piano.

Ms. Boyle is a beautiful human being whose singing has given a bit of light, inspiration and hope to the world in troubled times. Thanks, Ms. Boyle!

This performance and performer are truly inspirational. I can hardly wait to see her first CD. Also hope that she is able to retain the down-to-earth manner and sense of humor. Loved it that she didn't let Simon intimidate her when he was giving her the once-over and asking her age and dream. Her performance was completely professional, especially given the snarky looks of the audience and judges. Love that she completely blew them away and left them gasping for air. Of course, it could be that she sucked most of the air out of the room to sustain those notes in such a grand manner. Would love to have a recording of her with Ronan Tynan, Andrea Boccelli, or Paul Potts. Their combined singing and stories would be truly inspirational. God bless her and I hope her dream comes true.

susan you have a voice that when you started to sing , got out and sing songs for Jesus, many souls will be blessed.


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