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Half-price ticketing agency StubDog comes to L.A.

February 10, 2009 |  4:07 pm

Is there room for one more half-price ticketing agency in Los Angeles?

Joining GoldstarTheatermania and L.A. Stage Alliance's LAStageTIX is StubDog, offering 50% tickets to Southern California events including theater, concerts, sports and more.

StubDog says it is adding an incentive for the culturally minded: For every ticket sold, 10% will go to benefit local arts organizations, including L.A. Stage Alliance; the full list will be announced shortly.  There is no fee to become a StubDog member.

StubDog was created in Houston in 2006, expanded to Fort Worth, Texas, and is adding Greater Los Angeles as its third area of service. The company plans to add more cities in the future.

Sam Levassar In an interview Tuesday, StubDog founder and chief executive Sam Levassar said he believes the L.A. market for half-price tickets isn't overcrowded. "There are 17 million people in Southern California," he said. "It's a large enough pool of people that there's room for everyone. Everyone has a slightly different database of tickets. Why not use all [discount ticket services] to sell tickets that are not being sold anyway?"

As for StubDog raising money for the nonprofit L.A. Stage Alliance, which already has its own half-price ticket program, Levassar said there's no conflict. "I think the difference between our company and L.A. Stage Alliance is that we not only offer theater but dance, sporting events and music," he said.  "And their 10% share of our profits is not just from theater, but from all the events we have on our sites."

He continued: "There are certain theater companies that work with L.A. Stage Alliance that are not working with us. There is a little bit of overlap, but there is a lot of loyalty among the nonprofits. Some people may continue to use them exclusively, which is great." 

— Diane Haithman

Photo: StubDog founder Sam Levassar. Credit: Paul Smith

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I wonder how they manage to afford the "50%" off tickets?

Sounds like an interesting company. Any company who promotes the arts and helps better the community will always get my support!

Goldstar already has all the great events in LA and a much better website.

I do not agree. I really like StubDog's website. It's very simple to use. No mandatory sign ups, irritating pops ups, etc. and it is much more pleasing to the eye. And kudos to them for giving back!

For the most comprehensive listing of Orange County events, the local arts agency Arts Orange County launched a new website in November called "SparkOC" (http://sparkoc.com), with an opt-in weekly e-newsletter that offers HALF-PRICE TICKETS to OC performances & exhibitions.

This new website has been coupled with a blog written by "moi" (http://sparkoc.blogspot.com) and with "Arts & Culture OC," a new weekly segment I host featuring Orange County artists & arts leaders on KOCE public television, broadcast on Thursdays (6:30 & 11 pm) and then posted to the SparkOC website, blog and on YouTube.

My organization uses Stubdog to put up half price tickets and they are fantastic to work with and very community-minded (unlike other similar companies). I have also bought Clippers tickets on there. Highly recommended.


Your paper has run a couple different articles for Companies that offer Discount Theatre Tickets. I was wondering why you never say anything about PLAYS411. This is a great Company and they have been in business for at least 8-years. They offer HALF-PRICE, 75% off, and even FREE Tickets and the service fees are lower than other discount ticket companies. Please remember to mention them the next time, because it is a great company to work for and they offer many show options. In a difficult economy, it is nice to have reliable options to get Half-off and even FREE Theatre tickets in Los Angeles

Thank you - Molly H.

This is what makes our country great. You have a choice on where and how to spend your money as there are several companies offering the same service. The highlight of this article is not that there is another discount ticket seller in LA... It's that: "10% will go to benefit local arts organizations, including L.A. Stage Alliance". With all of the layoffs, theater closings etc., this company is giving back. As someone who loves the arts and frequents Los Angeles, occasionally enjoying the odd show, I feel fortunate to be able to pay full price. But If I ever get into a situation where i need discount tickets, then its a no-brainer to buy from Stubdog if a percentage of my ticket purchase will be donated to support the arts. Here is to other companies doing the same. We should all make a difference. PLEASE come to NYC!

It's really is fantastic to read that a for-profit ticket distributor is conscientious enough to give back to the very community that is providing him product. The question is whether or not StubDog is following in line with companies like Goldstar which refuse to release patron information to the arts groups therefore never allowing the group to cultivate their own audience (through targeted marketing, etc.) from the obviously interested (new) patrons.


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