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MOCA Mobilization 2.0

December 5, 2008 | 12:20 pm

Armband_2 MOCA Mobilization, an artist-led community organization that was formed to support Los Angeles' financially troubled Museum of Contemporary Art, has been getting its message to the public online via its Facebook page. But for those who are not on Facebook, the group has started a new website.

Artist Cindy Bernard, a member of the organizing committee, also writes in an e-mail to The Times that the group is asking those who have written a letter to Mayor Villaraigosa as part of MOCA Mobilization's letter writing campaign to post a copy at the Moblization's Letter Campaign page.

-- Diane Haithman

Photo: Supporters wear homemade armbands at recent MOCA Mobilization rally at the Geffen Contemporary. Credit: Diane Haithman /Los Angeles Times

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Its not gettting ANY support which shouldnt come as a suprise considering how irrelevant it has been to Angelenos as a whole.

They originaly wanted 10,000 signatures by Dec 1. They have 2,600 now, most through link on Facebook, many of which have never even seen themuseum. The page right now is half Germans, because someone there linked to others, that doesnt exactly coulnt as a groundswell of support. They dont pay taxes, and germnas have well documneted bad taste in art, Hans and Franz and the techno twins arent exactly worldly, or useful. Many of those listed as Californians are not from SoCal either, so there is little support, probably about half local, and many of them quite possibly fake. Not real important to many Angelenos, would take tens of thousands to show any real support.

We have real issues to deal with no, the fantasy worlds of contemporary art are dead. RIP Not a dime of tax payer monies for such self indulgent garbage.

art collegia delenda est

I know it's probably pointless to respond to Donald - but I feel I must point out that the fact that some many people from around the world have shown their support for MOCA is a sign of success and not failure.....

Come on now, they are face book buddies, non existent entities a half a world away who just think its hip to be artistes, and want a cause of any kind to sound off about. They have NO idea what here. And doesnt matter.

This museum is for LA first, we put it up through requiring public art be 1% of building costs. Think of the schools and housing and transportation we could build for some real use.

2,600 in two weeks is pathetic. LACMA would get ten times that many immediately. Here in the LBC, MoLAA is a ten times better museum, one tenth the size, for on one hundredth the cost.

Outside of that initial show, MoCA has been an embarrasment to anyone who knows and loves art. its entertainment for the kiddies of the rich. Absurdities to amuse the wealthy. Meaningless kitcsh.

art collegia delenda est

Ms. Bernard - I think it is clear to everyone that Mr. Frazell is out of touch with MOCA's programming and therefore not terribly informed about what he thinks he is discussing, to use the term very loosely. In fact, it is amazing to me that the most vocal person on the Culture Monster as of late has the most conservative and narrow view of what art is or could be. Maybe Mr. Frazell should actually attend art school so he could really see what happens in those classrooms and studios. He would immediately see that the other student would be more accepting and willing to discuss his art than he would be of theirs. One of art's roles after all is to create dialogues (and all art is self-indulgent, yours is not exempt Mr. Frazell). Most others reading this blog and participating in MOCA Mobilization are more willing to be challenged by things they don't understand rather than resorting to latin pharses and retreating back to that which is familiar. I ultimately think this is a case of someone who is upset that he doesn't fit into the art world the way he would like and rather than focusing this energy in the studio feels he needs to lash out and make mis-informed statements. Mr. Frazell - if you wish for MOCA to die, why not be silent and let it die.

Thou dost protest too much, methinks.


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