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Hugh Jackman as the Boy from Osc: an Academy Award-worthy plan

December 12, 2008 | 11:45 am

Now that it's confirmed that Culture Monster's favorite Boy from Oz will be hosting the Oscars this year, we'd like to remind any skeptics (believe it or not, they're out there) that  Hugh Jackman has experience in this area.

Jackman shined as the singing and dancing host of the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall. He even scored an Emmy in 2005 for his efforts leading the 58th annual awards, above.

Need more evidence (or just want to see more Hugh)? Here is a clip his performance at the Tonys, the year he won the award for portraying Peter Allen in the Broadway hit "The Boy From Oz." And here is one more memorable Jackman Tony turn.

So take a look, and decide for yourself. We know that on Feb. 22 we'll have our TiVo set.

-- Lisa Fung


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Bouquets to the Academy for selecting Hugh to host the Awards.

Brickbats to Hugh's second 'hometown' of Perth, Western Australia, for 'dissing' his compatriot, Heath Ledger. For a man that has generated more google searches that Barrack Obama, Heath has been give the shrift by the Government of Western Australia!

The new performing arts centre in Perth, originally to be called the Heath Ledger Centre, is now to be called "The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia" ... befitting of Perth's "dullsville" tag. Heath's name and memory will only be reconded on the name of one of the auditoria in the centre.

But then, former Perth sons and daughters are used to such treatment! Judy Davis, Francis O'connor, David Helfgott ("Shine").


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