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MOCA board to dine and deliberate

November 25, 2008 |  7:01 pm

Sign pointing the way to MOCA's Grand Avenue building reflects a passerby

If an army marches on its stomach, why shouldn't the same be true of the museum board whose mission is to recapture the economic high ground for L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art?

With MOCA's board under pressure to right the respected but fiscally foundering museum, trustee Rosette Delug said that she had invited the whole gang of about 30 board members to her Beverly Hills home this evening for a dinner and discussion of the options for making money appear -- presumably including Eli Broad's offer to make a $30-million "investment" in MOCA's rescue.

"Tonight we're going to go over all those and see what we can come up with," Delug said. "It's an easier thing to do in a home atmosphere rather than the boardroom.... We can brainstorm and troubleshoot in a more relaxed atmosphere, without staff present -- just us." The hostess said that despite Thanksgiving travel schedules, she was expecting "a pretty good representation" of the board to attend and try to hash things out "over a lot of wine and good food."

-- Mike Boehm

Photo: A sign pointing the way to MOCA's Grand Avenue building reflects a passerby.

Photo Credit: Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times

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Hmmm....30 board members, a million dollars each, equals $30 million dollars. A nice round number to match Eli Broad's $30 million challenge.

They could probably raise a whole lot more than that, but it would be a heck of a good start and would firm up the museum for 2-3 years while the economy slowly recovers.

MoCA should also scrap most of their planned future exhibitions and do some high-profile things that will generate more visitors than just the scholarly, academic crowd. They've already done Murakami, Ruscha and Warhol. How about Koons, Hirst, Prince, Richter, Cattelan, Nauman, Judd and Peyton?


"They've already done Murakami, Ruscha and Warhol. How about Koons, Hirst, Prince, Richter, Cattelan, Nauman, Judd and Peyton?"

Murakami, Ruscha blah blah are the least important shows MOCA has ever done. And I'd rather see the museum sold for scrap than see a Damien Hirst or Cattalan or a Peyton show there. If you're looking for the museum to show that crap - go to LACMA or the Hammer.

Love how you children are scared to list your name. Shows a lack of backbone, that character thing again. If they want to keep the thing going with their money, good for them. As far as the public, this museum is a total waste, few know of it, and gets few outside of academia to ever show up for its carnivals of fools.

Yes, LACMA is rather mediocre, but if they got the Panza collection and some of the other modern works they got, they would ast least display them, not hide them while glorified teenagers whine on the walls about their supposed issues and horrible lives. Spoiled brats, Nothing is more irrelevant than Contemporary "art", or amusing to the leaders of our Gilded age. There are no men and women anymore, just anorexi cprincesses and metrosexual boys, sexless drones, voyeurs on life. Not those who participate life, have kids, nothing more creative than that, and the art set to selfish to ever do.

You know PRO create. Give life. As you have none, so we see on the walls. Hirst and Koons are court jesters, fine for the rich for their amusement, but completely irrelevant to life. Murakami a cartoonist, for their children. Contemporary art is dead. Good riddance.

Time to move on, and begin to live, with others of humanity, not some tiny inbred art clique of weak children, Be a Man, get aggressive, passionate, viril, and intelligent, not the pseudo intelligentsia of protected and aloof academia. Learn to ask good questions, ones that lead to other better ones, that have to do with humanity, not trivial pursuit questions of how irrelevant and ignorant can one be. This takes true education, which takes a lifetime, and will never be fully grasped. It takes work, participating, doing, open to life. Things the academy taught you to stay away from, by posing questions of hilariously absurd stupidity.

Imperial Clothing Art collegia delenda est

great, get drunk and fix the problems of a major museum.

and maybe rosette should stop flat ironing her hair so much.

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