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Treasurer Lockyer files for divorce after months of controversy

     Treasurer Lockyer files for divorceCalifornia Treasurer Bill Lockyer has filed for divorce from his wife, former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, after a tumultuous period during which she spent time in rehab and made allegations about being beaten by an ex-boyfriend she met at a motel.

The treasurer, 71, filed the papers Friday, citing "irreconcilable differences" in seeking to divorce his 41-year-old wife. They have a 9-year-old son.

"Above all he wants the matter resolved in a way that serves the best interests of his son," said Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for the treasurer. "Second, he wants it handled as privately and as amicably as possible."

At 5:10 p.m. Friday, after the divorce papers were filed, Nadia Lockyer was involved in a car accident near the couple’s home. Hayward Police Sgt. Eric Krimm said she was the sole occupant of the car when it knocked down a light pole before hitting a tree.

The cause of the accident was determined to be inattention to driving because of cellphone use, Krimm said, adding that Nadia Lockyer was taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of minor cuts and bruises. He said there was no indication of drugs or alcohol being involved.

Nadia Lockyer resigned from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in April after a series of controversial incidents. In February, she alleged she was assaulted by her former lover, Stephen Chikhani, in a motel room in Hayward. At the time, she also said she had undergone rehabilitation for substance abuse.  

Later, an email from Nadia Lockyer's account alleged that her husband had gotten her addicted to drugs, but she later said that Chikhani had hacked into her personal email and added the allegation, which her husband's office unequivocally denied.


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-- Patrick McGreevy in Sacramento

Photo: State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, pictured, has filed for divorce from his wife, former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer. Credit: Jamie Rector / Associated Press 

Accusations fly in drama involving Bill Lockyer, wife

 Bill Lockyer, California treasurer
A Bay Area newspaper reported Thursday that an email appearing to come from the troubled wife of California Treasurer Bill Lockyer accused him of supplying her with drugs that started her on a downward spiral into addiction.

The treasurer’s spokesman immediately denied the charge, and his wife said her email account had been hacked.

Nadia Lockyer, 40, an Alameda County supervisor, has been at the center of a scandal since she reported that she was assaulted by a former boyfriend at an East Bay hotel in February. She subsequently confessed to a "chemical dependency" and spent some time in a rehabilitation facility.

Her husband’s office said Thursday that the treasurer never gave his wife drugs. "The allegation is a complete crock," spokesman Tom Dresslar said.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that one of its writers received an email purported to be from Nadia Lockyer that said, in part, "Bill bought and gave me drugs years before meeting Steve, then called me crazy when I sought help."

She later told the Mercury News that the ex-boyfriend, Steven Chikhani, had hacked her email account and made the allegation against her husband.

"She did not send that email, her account was hacked, and the part about the drugs was added by the person who hacked into her email," said Ruben Briones, her chief of staff, in an interview Thursday with The Times.

An attorney for Chikhani denied the hacking and assault allegations and said her client is in a residential drug treatment program.

"He has never hacked into any of her accounts," said Adrienne Dell, the attorney. "I think she has issues. I think she is struggling. We’re watching somebody fall apart in the public eye."


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--Patrick McGreevy and Anthony York in Sacramento

Photo: State Treasurer Bill Lockyer. Credit: Armando Arorizo / Bloomberg

Bill Lockyer reelected California treasurer

Bill_lockyer_wins Treasurer Bill Lockyer was elected to another four-year term Tuesday, besting Republican Sen. Mimi Walters (R-Laguna Niguel), according to early vote results.

Lockyer, a former leader of the state Senate, served two terms as state attorney general. He was elected treasurer in 2006, opting to seek the post instead of challenging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's bid for reelection. Lockyer angered some Democrats by admitting that he voted for Schwarzenegger during the 2003 recall campaign.

The treasurer wields vast institutional power. He manages the sale of billions in  bonds for state infrastructure projects, and sits on both of the state's multibillion dollar pension boards.
Since becoming the state's top fiscal officer, Lockyer has been critical of lawmakers in both political parties for their failure to pass responsible budgets. He still sits on a campaign war chest of more than $5 million.

-- Anthony York

Photo credit: Jakub Mosur / For The Times


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A new Field Poll shows Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer with an 8-point lead over Republican challenger Carly Fiorina.

Both candidates for state treasurer have questions about their financial dealings that have provided fodder to their opponent.

The race for attorney general may be settled in Los Angeles County, traditionally a Democratic haven, where Republican Steve Cooley is making inroads with voters he has represented for years.

Shane Goldmacher works through the two redistricting measures on the November ballot.

Meg Whitman said Thursday that her former housekeeper, who is in the country illegally, should be deported.

It's going to be a busy weekend on the campaign trail, and The Times will have reporters following candidates throughout the state. Be sure you get all the latest. Follow PolitiCal on Twitter.

-- Anthony York in Sacramento

Do Democrats have a potty-mouth problem?

First, someone in Jerry Brown's camp was caught on tape calling Meg Whitman a "whore." Now the incumbent state treasurer is using an expletive in his first ad for reelection.

Do the Democrats have a potty-mouth problem? Or is it all passe in this era of a television show called "$#*! My Dad Says"?

Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for Treasurer Bill Lockyer, said these times call for tough talk: "We do believe that the people of this state are ready for some honesty and, as the ad says, straight talk from their elected leaders.

"Particularly when you're talking about Sacramento, the point is that Lockyer throughout his tenure has been candid, blunt with both sides of the aisle about the need to get out of the partisan bunkers and come up with some solutions for the people of California, particularly on the budget side of things."

Dave Gilliard, who is managing the campaign of Lockyer's Republican opponent, Mimi Walters, had another view of the ad. "He's trying to latch on to the anger voters have toward government right now,"  Gilliard said. "He's trying to get in front of a train that's about the run over a whole bunch of people who've been around for too long, but it's too late. He's been at the scene of the crime for the last 37 years. In fact, he was involved in the accident."

The Lockyer ad is running on television stations in Los Angeles, and will be running statewide in the coming days, Dresslar said.

You can watch the ad below.

-- Anthony York in Sacramento


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