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Occupy protest outside Jerry Brown's loft draws few supporters

August 6, 2012 |  5:34 pm

Members of Occupy Sacramento targeted the downtown loft of Gov. Jerry Brown, urging the governor to take action to help stem the tide of foreclosures in California.

But Monday’s gathering had more in common with a typical state budget than a major push for social change. As with a budget, there were optimistic projections of turnout, as protest leaders hoped to rally people to their cause.

But like many a state budget, those expectations turned to disappointment as the promised numbers failed to materialize.

Protesters are promising to stay around the clock and hope their numbers will grow as the vigil continues.

"I've talked to a lot of people -- some clergy, some people from different cities -- who say they want to come down," said Bob Saunders, one of the protesters gathered between a sushi restaurant and the front door of Brown's loft complex.

Monday afternoon, it was just Saunders and three others, urging passersby to sign a petition asking the governor to take an action his administration says a governor is not empowered to take.

The protesters are urging Brown "to use his executive power to declare a state of fiscal emergency and an immediate foreclosure moratorium,'' according to a statement from the Occupy Sacramento Foreclosure Team. "Stopping the foreclosure tsunami would help California homeowners, save our communities and ultimately boost our economy.''

According to Brown’s spokesman, the governor was out of town Monday morning and has not been to his loft since the protest began.


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-- Anthony York in Sacramento