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PolitiCal Roundup: The cost of ailing prisoners; regulating the coast

March 2, 2011 | 12:24 pm

California taxpayers pay as much as $21 million a year to guard ill and incapacitated prisoners, including unconscious ones, The Times' Jack Dolan reports.

The Supreme Court votes 8 to 1 that free-speech rights protect anti-gay protesters at soldiers' funerals.

As local news stations aired footage of the deadly inferno in San Bruno, confused officials at PG&E didn't even have the TV on. That according to the San Jose Mercury News, which reconstructs the gas-main tragedy from federal records.

A federal appeals court has invalidated a key rule limiting development on the California coast.

And finally, from the front lines of the public employee-pension crisis: In Costa Mesa, pensions are blamed for the city's decision to outsource or privatize even the most basic services. Building inspections. 911 dispatch. The list goes on.

-- Jill Leovy