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John Burton dresses down Coastal Commission chief

January 13, 2011 |  3:19 pm

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, the cantankerous, salty-tongued former leader of the state Senate, didn't hold back in telling the new head of the Coastal Commission, Sara Wan, what he thinks of her.

"I just recently heard the news from the Coastal Commission whereby you screwed Mary Shallenberger out of the chair of the commission in order to gain it for yourself," he wrote in a brief letter to Wan on Thursday. He went on to note how often he and Shallenberger championed keeping Wan as a member of the commission despite campaigns to oust her.

"Mary constantly fought for you citing your experience and integrity," the letter said. "You should clearly be ashamed of yourself. No need to respond to this because I have no need to hear any of your rationalizing …” he said, using a vulgarity.


Read Burton's complete letter

-- Evan Halper in Sacramento