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Teachers union brings back a familiar face in support of Jerry Brown

October 15, 2010 | 10:37 am

The California Teachers Association has invested more than $4 million to boost Jerry Brown's gubernatorial campaign. This week, the CTA is back on the air with a television spot, using a familiar face to tout Brown's plans for public schools. The ad, which features four different teachers talking about Brown's education plans, opens and closes with Concord high school teacher Liane Cismowski. Cismowski was the face of the teachers union's counterattack against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2005 special election. She was featured in a November 2005 story in the Los Angeles Times by Mark Z. Barabak. In writing about the defeat of Schwarzenegger's special-election measures, Barabak wrote:

Much of the credit -- or blame -- goes to the union and the soft-spoken Cismowski, who improbably became one of the most recognized faces of the special election campaign. The union and its allies spent about $20 million on TV ads featuring the high school English teacher, building the "Liane brand," as one strategist put it. The campaign defied many of the accepted rules of political advertising. There were no famous personalities or jazzy camera angles. There was no ripped-from-the-headlines sense of phony urgency. The advertising seemed to work for that very reason.

Now, Cismowski is back on our television screens touting Jerry Brown as the best candidate for public schools. You can watch the ad below.

--Anthony York in Sacramento