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Unions back new online game that attacks Whitman's jobs record

July 14, 2010 | 10:12 am

We've now entered the video game portion of the California governor's race. The California Labor Federation has launched a new Wall Street Whitman video game. The object: to shoot off as many pink slips as possible to see how many employees you can fire at all of Whitman's past places of employment.

It's a new creative wrapping for the same main anti-Whitman message, challenging her corporate record and implying she will be bad for the California economy. There's even a bonus level in which you can go around, as the Whitman avatar, collecting "golden tickets" from Goldman Sachs. The final level of the game is in the governor's office, but players are barred from entering. "Stop," the warning screen implores. You can play the game below.

-- Anthony York in Sacramento