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Silverado Canyon residents worried

About 100 residents of canyon communities went to a shopping center to get fire information, but fire officials could not provide detailed information of the fire's path. That left many of them in tears and on edge.

"It's sickening. We thought yesterday we had dodged the bullet, we heard the fire was 50% contatined and away from Silverado Canyon. Now we're hearing that within the hour it could rip through here and take our homes," said Ray Verdugo, 55.

Verdugo was the first to come to this strip mall and establish what he jokingly called "Camp Silverado." He's been sleeping here in a small camper ever since. At least a dozen others and have been sleeping in the parking lot and named Verdugo the mayor of Camp Silverado. Many are frustrated by the lack of air tankers operating to fight the fire. "Silverado and the other canyons have always been the red-headed stepsister of the area. We're the laid-back people, we're not getting our fair shake," added Verdugo.

Nonetheless, Verdugo and others are grateful the firefighters. "God willing we can still have the party," he said.

-- Nardine Saad


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