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Downed power lines, arson known causes of fires

Some of the suspected causes of the wildfires that burned across Southern California this week (not all fires are listed):

Witch fire (Poway area, San Diego County): 197,990 acres burned; 805 houses destroyed; two dead, 10 firefighters injured

Possible cause: Downed power lines, a witness said.

Harris fire (southern San Diego County): 81,000 acres burned; 200 homes destroyed; 1 dead, 36 injured (25 civilians and 7 firefighters).

Cause: Unknown

Ranch Fire (Castaic): 55,756 acres burned; 1 house destroyed

Cause: Unknown

Buckweed Fire (Agua Dulce/Santa Clarita): 38,356 acres burned; 15 homes destroyed; 4 injured (3 civilians, 1 firefighter)

Suspected cause: Downed power lines

Poomacha Fire (Pauma Valley, San Diego County): 35,000 acres burned; 50 homes destroyed; 12 firefighters injured

Cause: A structure fire on La Jolla Indian Reservation that set off a brush fire

Santiago Fire (Orange County): 25,000 acres burned; 14 homes destroyed; 4 firefighters injured

Cause: Arson

Slide Fire (Running Springs): 11,366 acres burned; 200 homes destroyed

Cause: Unknown

Canyon Fire (Malibu): 4,565 acres burned; 6 homes destroyed; 3 firefighters injured

Suspected cause: Downed power lines

Magic Fire (Stevenson Ranch): 2,824 acres burned

Suspected cause: Sparks from welding by construction workers

Grass Valley Fire (Northwest Lake Arrowhead) 1,100 acres burned; 113 homes destroyed

Cause: Unknown

Little Mountain Fire (San Bernardino): 650 acres burned

Cause: Suspicious in nature

Rosa Fire (Temecula, Riverside County): 411 acres burned

Official cause: Arson

Martin Ranch Fire (San Bernardino): 140 acres burned

Cause: Suspicious

-- Ron Lin


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