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Workouts you can do at the gas pump (at last!)

June 14, 2010 |  6:04 pm

Gas pump All the time we waste each day -- frittering away the hours on unimproving books and "Real Housewives" reruns, checking our e-mail and, tsk, standing around while we wait for our gas tanks to fill up.

Mindful of this appalling misuse of time, the digital media network PumpTop TV -- responsible for those TVs you see at gas stations -- and ExerciseTV have produced a 30-second workout drill to do at the gas pump. (Why am I unable to stop thinking of the gas-pump scene from "Zoolander" as I write this?)

"Instead of sitting in your car or standing and waiting, get active at the gas pump with short workouts you can do while your gas tank fills," the blurb goes. "Workouts include stretching, strength training and quick ways to increase your energy." Apparently, a lot of gas stations are going to be broadcasting the workout program. 

The Web, it turns out, is riddled with examples of as-you-go-about-your-daily-life workouts:

An aerobic house-cleaning workout; a toilet-bowl-scrubbing workout; a workout devised by a British supermarket chain using a Trim Trolley fitted with resistance wheels (heck, half the carts I pick seem to have those wheels); pet workout tips -- including ones you can do with cats; workouts to do at your desk; workouts you can do without having to bother to get out of bed; workouts to do while having sex (you'll have to search for this last on your own).

There really is no excuse, is there? 

-- Rosie Mestel

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Photo: Don't just stand there -- you could be toning your glutes right now.

Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images