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McDonald's threatened with lawsuit over Happy Meal toys

June 22, 2010 |  3:53 pm

Shrek They're probably hatin' it.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group focused on food issues, announced Tuesday that it's threatening to sue McDonald's for offering toys with Happy Meals.

From the CSPI announcement: "Using toys to lure small children into McDonald’s is unfair and deceptive marketing and is illegal under various state consumer protection laws. CSPI today served McDonald’s a notice of its intent to sue."

McDonald's, which in a statement objected to CSPI's portrayal of their business practices, recently launched Shrek-themed Happy Meals aimed at encouraging kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy and fruit juice. But CSPI says that kids still are given fries 93% of the time with those meals.

— Rosie Mestel

Photo credit: Business Wire

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Comments (19)

I hope they get those bastards with the baseball cards for including chewing gum in their product. What a stupid basis for a lawsuit.

Why aren't they going after the automakers for including images of scantily-clad women in their advertisements?

How come they don't pursue the brewers for depicting the consumption of alcohol in a positive light?

Double standards abound in America

maybe we should sue the doctors that offer a sucker after an office visit?

What a joke! What's next, taking them to court for the indoor and outdoor playgrounds they have for small children too?

Using toys to lure small children into McDonald’s ????? HOW ABOUT SLAP UR KID IF THEY GET LURE.

A word to Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI): FRENCH FRIES ARE POTATOES! and the last time I checked a potato is a VEGETABLE!

Errm.... this must have been going through the slowest court system ever. Have they not been offering toys with happymeals since, at least the early 70's??? Is this news?

Hey hey, there folks. CSPI is just finding jobs for those idle anti-tobacco lawyers who have gotten very, very, VERY, GOOD at sucking the lifeblood from any target they set their sights on.
Who among you would deny these lawyers the russian cavier they crave?
Aren't we so blessed to have Rob Reiner amongst us?

Ok stop right there at "But CSPI says that kids still are given fries 93% of the time with those meals.

— Rosie Mestel"

There is a CHOICE of fries OR apple dippers!!!! It is the parents or the kids who decide not to get their kids the healthier stuff. Now I could understand it if McDonald's had no such choice, but the fact is that they do have options for a more healthy meal. Yes the cheeseburger or nuggets aren't the best options for a meal, but in MODERATION, they are fine! Seriously, people need to start taking more responsibility; and on that note, learn just what responsibility means, BEFORE they start playing the blame game. I mean no offense to anyone in particular, it is just something that I have been observing for quite some time.

Why are we not considering that the parents are the ones giving into their whining children? The parent ultimately decides where they and their children eat... I have never seen a small child taking themselves to McDonalds. If they really wanted to help they would offer classes and/or information on nutrition to parents and the kids at the schools. Also, if you don't want to deal with your kids watching McDonalds commercials put on Public Television or just turn the TV off and read the kid a book!

A potato is not a vegetable, it is a starch.

Ugh. The health Nazis strike again. Thanks for sucking the fun out of everything.

So are they going to sue General Mills and Kelloggs too for offering toys in they're cereal boxes?

HMMmmm. I actually think McDonalds should be sued by the EPA for generating so much waste for one meal. I despise our suing culture, but I hate the over consumption, ignorance, poor parenting, lack of morality and Tea Baggers more. Small brains need big government.

that is really stupid.. Why not sue all the food chains then. The kids like getting the toys and if the parents dont like it dont buy it.

The bottom line is, it is a CHOICE of the parents to give their child french fries or apple dippers! Are they suing all the other fast food chains as well, or just McD's? And if not, why? Is it because McDonald's is still making the most profit out of all the other fast food chains? I think so. Why is it only McDonald's who is blamed for the obesity epedemic in America? Parents have no one to blame but themselves! It is up to us to make sure our children are healthy. I work @ McD's, but we hardly ever eat there. Because I know it is not the healthiest choice. In fact, we eat a lot of our meals at home. Even if I am so exhausted I can barely cook!

Oh leave McDonald's alone! What a sad world(not that it isn't) if you can't take a kid to a fun place like McDonald's.Hey I am an adult and where else can an adult get a meal where the choices can be sliced apples and low fat milk? I collect the toys and don't always get a meal.I can buy just the toys for my collection.They do have good food choices so just MYOB and go work on the food companies that overload our arteries with way too much sodium.I ate what was supposed to be a heart healthy fish dinner from a popular restaurant and I had nothing but that the whole day.I almost had a coronary when I looked up the sodium content of just that meal and it was 3000 mgs of sodium! My blood pressure was almost200/90!!Set an example.teach children to make healthy food choices.
Young parents these days I know and see make these choices.My sons are grown but slim and healthy and I bought them Happy Meals and they were rewards and they appreciated it.So leave McDonald's alone !Next thing they will try is to rid us of vitamins...get a life....

o and by the way I love reading The L.A.Times!

News flash, all you chubby people, if you're overweight it's YOUR fault, NOT McDonalds!

Take responsibility for your actions, eat in moderation, and quit with the finger pointing blame game!


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