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One more genome decoded, this one for Oscar week: Glenn Close's

March 11, 2010 |  9:16 am

A San Diego company said Thursday that it had decoded the complete genome of actress Glenn Close, whom the company called "the first named woman to have her entire genome sequenced." Illumina Inc. said the process of producing a personal genome now costs $48,000 and takes eight weeks to complete.


Close, currently featured on the FX show "Damages" and star of the classic thriller "Fatal Attraction," has been active in promoting mental health issues and attempting to remove the stigma from such diseases. She is a founder of the nonprofit BringChange2Mind, which promotes those efforts.

"There is bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in my family, illnesses that, like other medical conditions, are thought to have a genetic underpinning," Close said in a statement. "My hope is that researchers will unravel the genetic aspects of mental illnesses to bring greater awareness about the diseases, de-stigmatize them and pave the way for more effective treatments."

-- Thomas H. Maugh II

Photo: Glenn Close. Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

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Comments (3)

I want some of Glenn's dna so I can create a dozen or so extremely talented clones. Then, I will put them all in a movie together and watch the screen explode.

She's amazing for doing so much to publicize and combat the stigma of mental illness. Go Glenn!

Almost, but not quite. Glenn missed the cutoff for first named woman to have her genome sequenced by one day. See the Salt Lake Tribune's article from March 10:

Perhaps more accurately: "First woman to be named by someone other than herself (assuming Glenn did not issue her own press release)." Glenn missed the cutoff for first named woman (by anyone, including themself) to have her genome sequenced by one day. See the Salt Lake Tribune's article from March 10:


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