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Finally, evidence that cellphone radiation may be GOOD for you

January 6, 2010 |  3:01 pm

Poor cellphones. They get blamed for causing brain tumors, reducing bone density, prompting headaches and dizziness, and more. Though most rigorous research has exonerated the phones (not to mention the laws of physics), many people remain unconvinced.

Now comes a study from the University of South Florida that links cellphones to Alzheimer’s disease. But there’s a twist: The researchers found that radiation from the phones protected mice from the disease, and might even reverse the symptoms.

CellphoneThese surprising results were not found by engineering tiny iPhones and holding them up to the rodents’ ears. Instead, researchers at the Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center arranged about 70 mouse cages in a circle around a central antenna that emitted electromagnetic waves typical of what would emanate from a phone pressed to a human head. They were exposed to the radiation for two hours a day over seven to nine months. About two dozen other mice served as controls.

Some of these mice were normal, but most of them had a genetic mutation that caused them to develop the amyloid plaques that build up in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Among these mice, some were old enough to exhibit the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s and others were still young and healthy.

The researchers found that the memory problems of the older Alzheimer’s mice disappeared over the course of the study. Younger Alzheimer’s mice who were asymptomatic maintained their cognitive function, and the normal mice actually got a memory boost from the cellphone antenna.

It appears that the electromagnetic waves somehow broke down the beta-amyloid plaques in the mouse brains or prevented them from forming in the first place, the researchers said. It’s not clear how this happened, but they found that the temperature of the brains of the Alzheimer’s mice rose by more than 1 degree Centigrade when the cell antenna was turned on. The scientists speculate that the temperature increase caused the mice’s brain cells to release the plaques, which were then flushed from their systems.

The results “suggest that high frequency [electromagnetic field] exposure could be a non-invasive, nonpharmacologic therapeutic against [Alzheimer’s disease], as well as a means to enhance memory in general,” according to the study, which was published today in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The researchers are now investigating that possibility, especially since Alzheimer’s has proven to be stubbornly resistant to pharmaceutical treatment.

William Thies, the chief medical and scientific officer for the Alzheimer's Assn., called the results "interesting though very preliminary."

"This idea deserves further study," he said in a statement. In the meantime, Thies advised Alzheimer's patients and other would-be memory boosters against "self-medicating" by spending extra time on their cellphones -- especially if they are driving.

Sound advice, to be sure. But if the Florida researchers succeed, perhaps someday your cellphone bill will be covered by health insurance.

Funding for the study was provided by the National Institute on Aging and the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute.

-- Karen Kaplan

Photo: Mice were exposed to cellphone signals from a centrally located antenna. Photo credit: University of South Florida
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Comments (13)

There are better ways to fight off disease than radiation.


How would they know if a mouse is suffering from Alzheimers? Do the forget to run the maze to find their cheese?


That's right. This just in: "Smoking is well known to help us relax and take the edge off, so doctors are heartily recommending that smoking does have its benefits and we all might be the better for it to smoke a couple of cigs after dinner tonight."

Does the word refund mean anything to you?

Just like a scene out of Woody Allen's Sleeper (1973): All the stuff once believed harmful -- smoking, fatty foods, etc. -- is actually GOOD for you!

I bet you all have cell phones and believe everything you read too... Choose your poison people and move on.. Quit your complaining and get a real job...

Who are they kidding?. And who had the deep pockets to fund this? Yes, go ahead and keep on putting that phone to your head, if your sick you may get better or well, maybe not.

Some years ago an article came out condoning, even suggesting that teenagers go ahead and consume large quantities of junk food prior to taking school exams, because apparently a study showed that students who had junk food intake before an exam achieved higher grades than those who simply consumed non-junk food or no food prior. The message? "The simple sugars in junk food are great for you and they will help you achieve wonderful results in academics and anything that requires you to use your mind." Haha. This cell phone study reminds me of the above study.


Ive got an enlarged prosrate.....

I just ordered one of these phones, it's the smallest phone I have ever seen!

Who is Karen Kaplan? What's her conflict of interest, who's paying her? How can she say "Though most rigorous research has exonerated the phones, many people remain unconvinced." That is so untrue! Are we talking about the "rigorous research" funded by people making a living on selling billions of cell phones? Because ALL the last rigorous research I'm aware of is really giving a different message... Unfortunately a quick google search for the article author wasn't helpful, as "There are 25 professionals named karen kaplan who use LinkedIn to exchange information"...
But here's a very quick google search for a link to the WHO study results: a 13
M $ study, a 10 year investigation in 13 countries and involving 12,800 people:
Study: Cell phone cancer link
"The World Health Organization is about to reveal that its decade-long
investigation has found the devices can lead to cancer" ... "The conclusion goes
against years of assurances by cell phone companies and scientists that cell
phone use is safe."

So what kind of misinformation is this?

As for the rest of the article, this mice study doesn't seem to have used pulsed micro-waves, and they carefully avoid using the term micro waves, like in all the studies funded by cell cies. This study seems independent from cell cies but we'd need the names of the scientists to see if they have conflicts of interest or not.
Electro magnetic fields are far from being the worst thing in cell phones. The
effects of pulsed micro waves have been studied enough now for extreme measures to have been taken in Europe were citizen's health is usually valued more than corporation's income. (cell phones can't be advertised for young children in the UK; cell phone antennas on roofs need to be a certain distance from schools, no wifi in schools in Holland, etc.)
It's terrible to think that some people may actually spend more time on their cell based on this study and article. The timing of the study, too, is very fishy. Just when the WHO has enough evidence to say cell phones can now officially be linked to various tumors comes a study that says they can cure Alzheimer. Give me a break.

this is a magnificent peice!!!!


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