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Pregnant? Don't trust those flu tests

December 23, 2009 |  6:08 pm

A new post over at the L.A. Now blog describes a report published online today in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Times staff writer Rong-Gong Lin II writes: "A new study by California health officials says pregnant women with flu-like symptoms should promptly undergo 'aggressive antiviral treatment,' even if a preliminary test shows that the patient tests negative for the flu."

The stakes are too high for a delay to be worth the risk.

Read more.

-- Tami Dennis

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Rather than wait until symptoms appear, here is a more proactive suggestion for pregnant women.

Get a Vitamin D blood test to determine if you are deficient in this critical vitamin/prohormone. The odds are that you will indeed need supplementation to bring your level into the range considered optimum for health. Studies are coming out almost daily regarding the role of Vitamin D in preventing influenze outbreaks, as well as a tool for cancer prevention.

For research information, see:

Roy Mankovitz, Director


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