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Opinion from Atul Gawande; news on health reform

December 7, 2009 |  3:27 pm

Gawande The author and surgeon weighs in, via the New Yorker, on the Senate bill's cost-control measures, or lack thereof:

He writes:

"Where we crave sweeping transformation, however, all the current bill offers is those pilot programs, a battery of small-scale experiments. The strategy seems hopelessly inadequate to solve a problem of this magnitude. And yet -- here’s the interesting thing -- history suggests otherwise."

Read more.

His points are well-taken. But feel free to disagree.

On the news front, from today's Los Angeles Times, there's:

Senate healthcare talks picks up pace

The fight's back in John McCain

And now appearing on the blog D.C. Now, there's:

Abortion debate begins as part of Senate healthcare bill

-- Tami Dennis