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Cranberries -- soon to be in everything

December 3, 2009 |  8:07 pm

Watch for more and more and more cranberries showing up in your food. This year so far, there have been 562 "cranberry product" launches, according to the first of a whole honking four-part series on the cranberry at the trade website  

The article notes that "U.S. based Ocean Spray Cranberries ... has been highly influential in pushing the cranberry agenda" (which makes Ocean Spray sound kind of sinister, doesn't it?). Cranberries are showing up in bars, gum, chocolate and more and more drinks. Yes, the fruit has the well-known rep of helping with urinary tract infections, but they're now promoted as healthful because of their superfruit-y, loaded-with-antioxidant status.

Take Cranberry Raisinets, which launched this year -- they're aimed at "on-the-go women seeking healthier snacks," according to an Adweek article. "Kristen Mandel, Raisinets' marketing manager, said Cranberry should satisfy consumers' needs to get more fruit in their diets while enjoying 'a little chocolate indulgence,' " the article noted. 'Course, they had to kick out the raisins to make room for them. (The world of functional food marketing is a strange one....)

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--Rosie Mestel