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A new magazine celebrating the nursing lifestyle

November 4, 2009 |  1:01 pm

Nurses work long hours, sometimes for little pay, and are often under-appreciated for their caregiving work. But some recognition is being thrown their way, via a new magazine.

Scrubs-cover Called Scrubs (as in the uniforms most nurses wear), it's being touted as the first lifestyle magazine for nurses. That's right, nurses have a lifestyle, and this new magazine, debuting Nov. 15, celebrates that.

"There are many things nurses have in common," says Michael Singer, who came up with the concept for the magazine. Some of those shared issues are working crazy hours, being in careers that are physically and emotionally demanding, and constantly being in a caregiving role. "We also found that nurses were doing so many incredible things but were really under-appreciated in so many ways," he adds. "So many nurses go out of their way to help patients, and that was a real source of inspiration for us. We felt like there were stories that really needed to be told."

Singer is chief executive of the Chatsworth-based company Strategic Partners Inc., also the magazine's founding sponsor. The company designs, manufactures and distributes medical and nursing apparel and footwear.

Stories in the premiere issue include an article on makeup strategies for 12-hour workdays, how to prepare fast and inexpensive gourmet meals, profiles of people who have switched careers to become nurses, and how to cope with stress. Cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong pens a piece on a particular nurse who was integral in his recovery. A companion website offers fresh content.

One thing readers won't see are stories with a clinical bent--editorial director Catherine Ettlinger (formerly editor in chief of Elle and the U.S. prototype of Marie Claire) says that's addressed on other nursing-related websites, magazines and journals. "We’re going to cover all categories from food to fashion, fitness and nutrition, the balance of work and family, all of that."

While the magazine is primarily geared to women, Ettlinger says the smaller cadre of male nurses will be addressed. Scrubs will also speak to the nursing profession's ethnic population.

The magazine plans on publishing thrice yearly, and will be available in nursing apparel stores nationwide.

"I came into this not knowing very much about nursing," Ettlinger says. "I'm finding these nurses are so smart and such compelling human beings, and they're so compassionate and caring. It's really been a pleasure meeting them."

-- Jeannine Stein

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Comments (5)

Finally, our nurses are being appreciated. Kudos to Mr. Singer. Great work.

I love this mag! I love the site! I'm spending my breaks from studying for NCLEX on this!^^ Way to go!

How does one subscribe?

Sadly, having been an RN now for about 5 years I have seen mostly things "not to celebrate."

My insurance has been reduced to a "joke." My discretionary medical account is gone. I've had no raise now for two years. And now I see major hospitals engaging in very one-sided contracts where new hires (recent grads) who quit for ANY reason, end up paying a huge amount for training!

Just two years ago I'd tell young people: "become a nurse, it's great." Sadly, I no longer do that.

Most of us do this at least partly because it's our nature. We are nurturers and are caring but lately all I see is the profit motive.

I'm an occupational health RN. I've given flu shots to all the employees of my company but guess what? There is not one left over for me... Imagine that!

There is no shortage of nurses in most states (there is in some areas) but if the system keeps moving in this direction in my opinion in not too many years there will be a huge shortage.

A nice happy "lifestyle" magazine is a good thing, but frankly I'd rather have a dose of seasonal flu vaccine, thank you. I hope that this mag addresses the "not so bright" aspects that this article points out in its first sentence: " Nurses work long hours, sometimes for little pay, and are often under-appreciated for their caregiving work."

Great idea....looking forward to seeing it in November...


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