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Here's who should really worry about cervical cancer, doctors say

November 19, 2009 |  9:58 pm

Sci-pap-smear20  The new cervical cancer screening recommendations might worry some women accustomed to getting screened every year. They shouldn’t, most doctors say.

 Today's story: Group recommends less frequent Pap tests 

The women who should be worried, physicians point out, are those who remain under-screened.

Half of the women who die from cervical cancer never had a Pap test, and 10% had not been screened in the five years before detection.

Overall, about 20% of U.S. women don’t get regular Pap tests, and 40% fail to get regular mammograms, said Dr. Edward Partridge, an oncologist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He’s the chairman of the cervical cancer screening guidelines panel for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

“The biggest problem is women who don’t get screened at all,” he said. “That is where your breast cancer is. That is where your cervical cancer is.”

-- Shari Roan

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Comments (1)

These doctors who recommend this are QUACKS!
Changes are being made to justify what the new Health plan will force Americans to accept.
I do wish someone would tell Gilda Radner that she only needed to test only every two years, Oh wait she died young from Cancer, cervical or breast, bet most of you don't even remember!
Please keep in mind that doctors PRACTICE medicine. They take their best guess, and charge you up the arse for that guess!
Do what you think is best for you and ignore those that give you advice according to how well you are insured, Yes this is the practice used in todays, medical profession?


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