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Viral link to prostate tumors questioned

October 15, 2009 |  4:01 pm

A new study conducted in Germany contradicts at least two earlier studies by finding no link between prostate tumors and a virus that had been found in some tumors. University of Utah researchers recently reported that they found traces of a virus called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV, in more than quarter of human prostate tumors, particularly those that are most aggressive. Antibodies against the virus have also been found in as many as 95% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, suggesting that the mysterious virus, discovered only three years ago, may be at the root of several diseases of unknown etiology.

German researchers led by Dr. Reinhard Kurth and Dr. Norbert Bannert of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin studied 589 prostate tumor samples collected in Germany. They reported today in the journal Retrovirology that they found no traces of the virus in any of the samples. Bannert suggested that "a possible geographic restriction of XMRV and its association with prostate cancer should be studied closely" -- in other words, that it may cause the disease in some places but not in others.

Dr. Robert Silverman of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, who originally discovered the virus, noted that the techniques used in Germany to look for the virus "are significantly different from the methods we use.... It is possible that the methods used may have missed detecting XMRV."  Other possibilities are that the strain of the virus that predominates in Europe has a slightly different RNA sequence than that in the United States, he said, or simply that XMRV is more prevalent in the U.S. than in Germany.

Clearly, much more work needs to be done before anything definitive can be said about the virus's role in prostate cancer.

-- Thomas H. Maugh II

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Comments (3)

The disease was "discovered" many years ago but 3 years ago it was finally acknowledged by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that yes it was a disease and yes it was very debilitating. However, it wasn't as if with CDC's acknowledgement increased funding or research in the disease. Though I don't have the numbers here in front of me but when you compare the research funding going to "mainstream" diseases such as HIV it's truly a joke at the vast disparity!

We are told that (a lie) the reason for prescriptions being the highest in the world (USA) is due to research costs. Yet every time I read of a 'new' finding it is from Europe.

I wouldn't trust anything the CDC says (my opinion). I am wondering what % of these men (prostate tumors/ chronic fatigue) are veterans? We know that 'chronic fatigue' is ONE of the findings of Gulf War Syndrome ( anthrax vaccine). Squalene in vaccines etc. With the barrage of vaccines given those in the military think of the overwhelming assault on the immune system. Google ingredients/additives found in flu vaccines; which include thimersol (mercury preservative - formaldehyde - detergent -see:

We know (though not reported in US) that Baxter distributed flu vaccine to 18 countries which (thanks to astute technician) was found contaminated with deadly avia flu/ tested on ferrets they all died. My point being/ be it the epidemic of prostate problems, Parkinson, Alzheimer, ADD, Autism, SIDS, numerous auto immune diseases (allergies) - there appears to be a direct link to the proportion of vaccines/ flu shots that have appreciably increased over the past few decades.

Red meat? Meat, (unless organic) unlike yesteryear is now saturated with bovine growth hormones/ antibiotics. Same with MILK. I noted (films from Iraq) cases of DIET soda sitting out in hot sun. This contains ASPARTAME (Google dangers of Aspartame) which is a synthetic sugar (equal -nutrsweet) which tests found ate holes in the brains/ tumors etc.

Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle when the shenanigans to get FDA's (Searle hired government lawyers) approval. History online. AIDS surfaced after small pox vaccine was given in Africa/ Hepatitis vaccine (free) given to Gay men in New York - San Fransisco. We may be (its a legitimate thought) poisoning ourselves to death under the guise of 'protection'. Tell that to the numerous veterans who've DIED since Desert Storm/ or are told that whatever they're suffering is "all in their heads".

I just know that Autism was a rarity/ with NONE in my school - Until the huge increase in vaccines (factory farms) I never knew of ONE person in the mill town I grew up in - suffering from Alzheimer/Prostate cancer / or the increase in breast cancer (younger and younger women) with birth control pills . I just don't think all these cancers/ neurological diseases were hatched in some cabbage patch.

The CDC KNEW about the connection between certain cancers and CFIDS years ago. I was told by my internist 15 years ago about this connection, so the "new" finding of a link between CFIDS and cancer is NOT NEW. I too do NOT listen or believe a single word that the CDC says on ANYTHING, including the Swine Flu and the vaccines for it. Between the CDC (hyping Swine Flu for more Fed funding), the media (hyping to get people to watch/listen/read) and big Pharma, the Swine Flu has been hyped waay out of proportion to what it really is. Many pediatricians are NOT giving the Swine Flu shots to kids because they see that the virus is MILD and some kids actually have NO symptoms at all AND the vaccine is too experimental and many pediatricians believe it is downright dangerous. In one Pediatric group in Norther VA, they don't give the vaccine and this is an ultra conservative - give those kids every vaccine there is - group, but they won't give the Swine Flu vaccine. Now that says something when ultra conservative doctors refuse to use their little patients as test subjects.
ASK CONGRESS FOR INVESTIGATION INTO CHRONIC FATIGUE/IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION, it's funding (wsste, fraud, abuse) and the mismanagement of CFIDS for the last almost three decades and waste of over $100 MILLION dollars they used on psychobabble crap instead of real research on viruses and other pathogens, etc. Also, request that Dr. William Reeves of the CDC/CFS group be removed. He needs to be investigated and prosecuted for his role in gross negligence, and actually, probable criminal activity. See for much greater detail on the CDC/CFS. Brilliant background from Hilllary Johnson on the CDC/CFS scandal during the last 30 years.


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