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Chocolate milk instead of chocolate candy? This is a choice?

October 8, 2009 | 12:06 pm

Milk Those Got Milk? folks. They've always got an angle. This time, they're tackling Halloween, urging kids to promise to look for nutritious treats instead of small chocolate bars and other candy.

What, you might ask, would one of those nutritious treats be? Chocolate milk.

Fill out this pledge and you'll get a Got Milk? treat: "To celebrate the day, I will try to look for delicious and nutritious treats such [sic] chocolate milk instead of candy."

Now chocolate milk may have some health benefits compared to say, a cup of milk chocolate M&Ms -- but let's not kid ourselves:

1 cup, low fat: 158 calories
1 cup, reduced fat, 179 calories
1 cup, regular milk, 208 calories

That's from the Nutrient Facts website. Borden's chocolate milk is 220 calories, according to The Daily Plate. Lucerne's is 230. And those are for eight-ounce, who-remembers-what-those-look-like servings, not today's typical portion sizes.

Water's good too, I've heard.

 -- Tami Dennis

Credit: Los Angeles Times