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Is it anti-religion to be pro-science?

June 20, 2009 |  6:00 am

To the question above, Dr. Francis S. Collins says: No way. He's the physician and researcher who guided the Human Genome Project in the 1990s and is now said to be the leading contender for the top post at the National Institutes of Health.

Collins Collins, 59, is perhaps the most thoughtful proponent of the idea that science and religious faith can exist in harmony. In fact, he cites the beauty of DNA as evidence for the existence of God.

Having grown up in a religion-free household, he attributes his spiritual awakening to a patient he cared for during his medical training. While serving as director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH, he wrote a book on the subject, called "The Language of God."

Collins discussed the interplay between religion and science with NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty last month at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life's Faith Angle Conference in Key West, Fla. A transcript of that in-depth conversation has now been posted here. For an abbreviated version, check out this Q&A with The Times from 2007.

-- Karen Kaplan

Photo: Dr. Collins signs copies of his book in his hometown of Staunton, Va., in 2007. Credit: Jay Paul / For The Times

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Comments (4)

I have no idea what religion it is Dr. Collins adheres to, nor which god he worships, but to a man of his intellect it should be glaringly obvious that if evolution is true, Christianity as largely defined and widely practiced today is falsified. Not coincidently, it is this very fact that leads creationists, as well as supporters of creationism's homely stepsister, Intelligent Design, to oppose evolution in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Evolution gives lie to the creation myths of Genesis. In short, there was no six-day creation, no garden, no Adam nor Eve, no serpent, and no "original sin".

It is this very concept of original sin for which, the early church explained and proclaimed, the blood sacrifice of Jesus was necessary to serve as atonement. Without the pivot point of original sin, the death of Jesus becomes nothing more than the story of yet another apocalyptic rabble-rouser who got himself crosswise with Roman authority.

No creator god, no savior. Whence Dr. Collins faith?

In an address in Harrisonburg, VA, Dr. Collins admitted "the origin of life is in disarray" and "they (scientists) assume an early organism that had DNA and a molecule that enabled reproduction". I don't call that science--I call that FAITH.

There certainly is no conflict between real science and faith, but what Dr. Collins champions is not science.

I would strongly suggest you watch the movie Religulous. Dr.Collins was interviewed by the host.

As men of science or even as rational people we understand unlike the bible tells us the earth is not flat. We know men can not live in the belly of a fish. We know jackasses do not have vocal cords to speak with us. We know the earth is more than 4,000 years old. We know magical gardens with talking snakes do not exist. We know rainbows have to do with reflecting light off tiny magnifying glasses in the sky not the promise of a forgetful god. We know the reason people get sick is not because of demons. We know so much the ignorant sand strewn MEN who wrote the bible could not know.

These stories were made up as an attempt to understand what seemed like a magical world which could never be understood. Dr.Collins struggled not to choke on his own tongue when he was asked point blank if he really believed these stories? Of course we do not. Of course we know and understand the reason primitive imagination was necessary for survival of early man.

The science of the bible is 4,000 years old. OF course it conflicts with what intelligent people know today that technologically free people of the past did not. The bible as it should be expected is a product of its time. It is brutal, violent and an inventive method to explain what was once unexplainable by male 'scholars' thousands of years ago.

We are discovering today much of what Einstein thought less than 70 years ago was simply incorrect. However, given the information he had one can understand why towards the end of his life he was a stubborn man.

One of moderate intelligence who has no desire to justify a personal or mass delusion to make themselves feel special can clearly understand, for obvious reasons, men 4000 years ago simply did not understand anything about science.

Less than 1,000 modern Christian science told us to release demons from a human a hole was to be drilled in their head - trepanning. This process by the way was done with a chunk of hard metal a medEVIL hammer and a hand drill. However, these christians of science knew according to the good book this is how you release demons.

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