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Is swine flu a conspiracy?

April 28, 2009 | 12:44 pm

Swine flu conspiracy

With so much worldwide panic and pressure surrounding swine flu, you had to guess that the conspiracy theorists would come out of the woodwork.

Everyone wants to find what pig was the original carrier. Everyone wants to know if the government is behind this. The FBI? The CIA? Is this is a great pandemic that was warned about by Nostradamus? Is Donald Rumsfeld secretly planning our demise to make money with Tamiflu? And who stands to gain?

As the news continues to break, and everyone wants to name a bad guy first, let’s take a look at the theories swirling around the Interweb.

Swine-flu outbreak could be linked to Smithfield factory farms

Is Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork packer and hog producer, linked to the outbreak? Smithfield operates massive hog-raising operations Perote, Mexico, in the state of Vera Cruz, where the outbreak originated.


Swine flu: Bringing home the bacon

As the world gears up once again for a flu pandemic that may or may not arrive (it actually seems possible this time), we might want to remember some of the lessons of the last flu scare. One of these is that there are winners as well as losers in every high-profile outbreak of infectious disease. First and foremost among them, of course, is Big Pharma, which can always be counted on to have its hand out wherever human misery presents an opportunity to rake in some cash.

This site wryly rounded up an array of blogs and tweets crying “Conspiracy!” A sample of the notes posted there:

ATTENTION AMERICA!!!! This is highly significant. The WHO "Pandemic Control Room" is a creation of the Illuminati elite for the final "end-game" killer virus mapping and tracking, and is thus equipped with super-computers tied to all U.N. member government's security forces.

Obama makes an official visit to Mexico, and a short week later, Mexico City schools, Universities and all PUBLIC BUILDINGS are shut down in pandemic fear -- (for the first time since the devastating 1985 earthquake!) Again, is this just a bizarre co-incidence??"

From Twitter:
How could we leave out the latest Internet phenomenon? Love it or hate it—Twitter is being talked about and used. Who knew that in 140 characters, hundreds of little tweet-ed paranoias could be passed and spread, much like a virus. From Twitter user @supergodiva:

Is Swine Flu lethal Israeli scam to force Mexico=Gaza comparison via separation fence?

Ret. Army General Russell Honore asks @donlemoncnn "Did this swine flu come out of a lab?""

Swine Flu reported as unusual as it affects the most healthy (20-45) vs weak kids/elderly. Perfect pathogen to quell dissent.

Finally, from
The naturalists weigh in with “As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound.” From the article:

It's not an unreasonable question to ask: Could world governments, spooked by the prospect of radical climate change caused by over-population of the planet, have assembled a super-secret task force to engineer and distribute a super virulent strain of influenza designed to "correct" the human population (and institute global Martial Law)?

So, what's the real truth here? One sick pig? Man-made lab experiment? Population control? Pharm companies cashing in? Rummy cashing in? Or a whole lot of floated hogwash?

What's your theory? Tell us in the comments below.

--Lori Kozlowski

Photo: EPA

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Comments (136)

..airlines are having an email exclusive sale now.. just type in the code: swineflu2009

Message to Greaspuddle: Apparently you are stuck in one. At this point in the game, if you don't see EVERY large "pandemic" effort as being completely orchestrated, you are just not paying attention, my friend. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!

Many of the comments are quite funny and hair-brained, but a little education is in order, if you don't mind. First, I keep seeing Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH on television, commenting on the flu. Though he is an eminent scientist, he has little or no power in determining the government's response to this outbreak. That responsibility is held by an obscure agency called BARDA, which is part of the Defense Dept., which has had responsibility for influenza epidemics since the 1919-21 Spanish flu outbreak that killed millions around the world. Talk to the BARDA people and find out how they plan to handle this outbreak.

Next, hardly anybody actually dies of the flu. Flu viruses stimulate what is called a cytokine storm in the body, creating an overblown immune response. The bigger the storm, the greater the probability that you will succumb directly to the flu via excess fluid in your lungs and high fever, as opposed to some other disease already in your body, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This particular strain does not seem to be that harmful to healthy people. The difference in death rates between Mexico and the US can largely be explained by differences in immune system health.

Next, creating a vaccine that matches a particular strain of flu takes time, so the disease may well have run its course by the time a vaccine actually arrives. Next, anti-virals such as Tamiflu and Rilenza are no better than 50% effective, so it is a crapshoot when you take them whether they will help you or not. Finally, if you'd really like to understand the flu and the possibilities of a real cure, check out, which is working on an anti-cytokine treatment that can stop the storm in its tracks.

A few years ago, I worked in a large regional hospital in the Southwest. My position gave me plenty of inside information about many things. Someone I knew swore up and down that a "nurse" she knew (not affiliated with the hospital) told her that a certain Indian tribe was preparing for the worst. Because the tribe "knew" that the current flu was going to pretty much wipe out civilization so they had purchased large Caterpillar machinery to dig "mass graves". This "nurse" has made other dire pronouncements many times. I got an email from another friend yesterday all about "someone's son in law" who worked for the CDC and this flu was a combination of swine, avian, bull moose, chicadee etc.(whatever) and would kill us all. I think that people who make up all these gospel truth stories are mentally ill.
In the meantime, make yourself an aluminum hat just to be sure.

I think the swine flu was the Mexican governments cheap way of dealing with e battling drug cartels, because everyone knows the drug cartels guy are all pigs anyway....the problem is that it got out of hand and now has gone to infect non-drug cartel folks and so we've got what we have now...and they can't find a solution because the main pig escaped with the help of the little monkey from the movie OUTBREAK and so Renee Russo and Dustin Hoffman have to track them both down and catch them.

Swine flu over the cukoo's nest

With ALL the media hype, is it any wonder that even diligent reporting on this issue is being pushed aside for the spin? There are very credible sources that are reporting on this issue that some how got lumped into the conspiracy spin. What concerns me most is how the government and the mainstream corporate media glommed onto this like flies and mosquitos on... waste lagoons at a pigsty in Mexico.

There are a lot of questions that must be asked and are not being asked. Why Mexico? Why now? Considering all the other attention this country has received, it makes one suspect of what is going on behind the media spin scenes.

Steve Kindel makes the most sense to me. First of all, we are most of us ignorant of the hierarchies of bureaucracy which have regulatory and even police authority in a declared crisis like swine flu. We imagine that the decisions originate in the Oval Office, when they don't. I guess I thought the CDC was in charge. Some people think it is Homeland Security or FEMA. And from this comes all manner of speculation.

Since we have representative government, if not democracy per se, we could ask our representatives what they know about the government's response to a declared crisis (which is even graded at 4 or 5 on a scale of what? 6, 7, 10?).

Doing a little civics exercise like contacting our congressman might reveal interesting stuff - like they don't know what's going on. Like they never read the "manual", the way they never read the Patriot Act. It might be more useful than speculating blindly, on a lot of friend-of-a-friend gossip. It might mean we were citizens and not peons in a tabloid universe.

How about it?

It's a great diversion from the real problems i.e. FED and bankers robbing the country vis-a-vis our corporate politicians.

So you get sick from the so-called swine flu. What do you do? You do what you've always done. Stay home, get plenty of rest, take meds as prescribed, drink plenty of liquids, watch a few movies. You'll be fine in a few days. Heck you'll even lose a few pounds in the process.

Colloidal silver indeed kills all single-celled organisms. It was widely used as an antiseptic in the past. Currently it is used in burn bandages to keep the area it covers from getting infected. You people who are making fun of the original poster who pointed this out have all your faith put in current allopathic (western) medicine....let's see how good that science is when put up against this newest strain of avian (and yes, it is AVIAN) influenza.

Look up the Toronto Sun article posted February 26th of this year, which reported that a Baxter Intl lab in Austria "accidentally" sent LIVE AVIAN AND HUMAN flu virus in the same shipment (they stated that the avian virus was "unlabled"....say WHAT??), and the problem wasn't discovered until one of the labs injected ferrets with what was supposed to be dead human flu virus, and all the ferrets died, prompting an investigation.

Baxter Intl isn't talking about how this "screw up" could have occured, but they are reaping the benefits as the benefactor of government money to find a vaccine now. What a coinky-dink!

The World Heath Organization lables this as "swine flu", although in the URL it states "avian flu". The 1918 pandemic was also avian flu, not swine.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven....but you guys go ahead and make fun if you want to. I'll be using colloidal silver along with Lysol and hand sanitizer. I think we could use all the help we can get to fight this newest, freakish virus. I use colloidal silver on my rescue cats for eye and skin works great, has no smell or taste, and doesn't burn. It's also much cheaper than the vet.


The FDA has already classifies Silver Colloid as a pre-1938 drug to treat infections and diseases related to pathogens, so your "FDA would have approved it" banter is rather pointless. I first started using silver colloid on the advice of my doctor (who's been in practice for 40 years plus). However due to drug company influence in recent years (50% of the FDA budget is drug company profits. Drug companies lose money, FDA employees lose their jobs. Talk about a conflict of interest.), they have been trying to tell doctors that it's better to use patented antibiotic poisons instead and has only allowed Silver Colloid manufacturers to label their products as "supplements". Thankfully, my doctor is an old-timer who knows that's a bunch of nonsense.

The reason why Silver is a cure for viruses and bacteria isn't because it attacks their immune system like Anti-Biotics do. It's because it actually bypasses the immune system completely. The bacteria sees silver as a harmless substance (since it's not a poison, just a mineral) and lets it pass through. Once it does, the silver compromises the bacteria's digestive system, and the bacteria die off. Since the bacteria's immune system does not detect silver, the bacteria cannot become immune to it.

There's room for opportunism here, sure. But the silliness of Mother Jones' position is easily exposed by a simple rewrite: "First and foremost among them, of course, is Big Agriculture, which can always be counted on to have its hand out wherever human hunger presents an opportunity to rake in some cash." Why is it that somehow making a profit is considered dirty when doctors and drugmakers do it, but not farmers? The whole thing is hopelessly arbitrary.

SWINE = SWEEPS, newspapers are closing, News Media ratings going down. Fear Tactict it worked for Bush, Doctors, etc. I think I'll just watch the next episode of the Cougar.

No conspiracy, just the problem of having way too many 24 hour news channels with nothing to report. So far, with the exclusion of Mexico, this isn't much of a health threat (the lone US death was a visiting toddler from Mexico). If whole bunches of news sources had anything else to do (I guess they are bored telling us how bad the economy is, and Obama has also gotten old) we wouldn't be hearing this much. Of course, we would be stuck hearing about some other inane story they think we need to hear about 24-7 for 5 days (great only 3 more days of swine flu coverage).

As for this article, it sure is scary to see the way people will link incidents to shape their own reality. It is similar to the revgen person shaping facts so that silver colloid can have important curative properties that the whole world seems to have ignored, except for him or her. scary!

Your absolutely right Dianne. Saddam Hussein was nothing but a harmless benevolent leader...unless you take into consideration the facts of history. But i'm sure you've no time for silly little facts since it's more fun "imagin[ing] a lot of scenarios".

Let's see... we're told this strain of flu contains viral code fragments from human influenza, avian flu from North America, swine flu from Europe, and swine flu from Asia.

So basically, that means an infected bird from North America infected pigs in Europe, then the pigs re-infected other pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed other birds to carry it again. Those birds flew to Asia and infected pigs there. Then those Asian pigs mutated the virus yet again (while astonishingly preserving the European swine and bird flu elements) to become human transmittable. Then, a human caught that virus from the Asian pigs--in Mexico... and spread it to others.

Those wonderful vaccines are coming real soon, though it takes around six months prior preparation any other time. So, stop asking questions and roll up your sleeve! No conspiracy here!

It's a conspiracy! Ha Ha!!!

conspiracy, consmiracy
i personally like the piracy in the real word. sounds like what's afoot if we let 'em.
get over it, use some common sense, and move on.
it's the flu. it's semantics. it happens.
wash your hands, cover your mouth, remember what mom told you (or ask if necessary) in the 50s and 60s.
see, we're back to common sense.

It is sickening logic to believe that if something were true we would already all know about it. Quit harrassing Revgen for trying to give you a helpful tip should an epidemic take place. The reason no one knows about silver except the crazy hippies is that no one makes any serious money off of it. The science is there. Go to the National Institute of Health public database: and search: colloidal silver antimicrobial. The FDA approves a strong version as a hospital sanitizer.

Here's a sampling of the science that exists to support colloidal silver as an antimicrobial. Read the details of the studies on the site above. And try a little humility--some things are true, even if you don't know about it, and even if they don't talk about it on TV.

Colloidal silver fabrication using the spark discharge system and its antimicrobial effect on Staphylococcus aureus. Med Eng Phys. 2008 Oct; 30(8):948-52. Epub 2008 Feb 20. [Med Eng Phys. 2008]

Silver colloid nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, and their antibacterial activity. J Phys Chem B. 2006 Aug 24;110(33):16248-53.

Silver nanoparticles: green synthesis and their antimicrobial activities. Adv Colloid Interface Sci. 2009 Jan 30; 145(1-2):83-96. Epub 2008 Sep 17.

A discussion of silver as an antimicrobial agent: alleviating the confusion.
Brett DW. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2006 Jan;52(1):34-41. Review.

Lysozyme catalyzes the formation of antimicrobial silver nanoparticles.

Polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes impregnated with silver nanoparticles show improved biofouling resistance and virus removal.

Facile preparation and characterization of highly antimicrobial colloid Ag or Au nanoparticles.

Colloidal silver fabrication using the spark discharge system and its antimicrobial effect on Staphylococcus aureus.

A versatile strategy to fabricate hydrogel-silver nanocomposites and investigation of their antimicrobial activity.

Antimicrobial activity of silver-containing dressings on wound microorganisms using an in vitro biofilm model.

A silver impregnated antimicrobial dressing reduces hospital length of stay for pediatric patients with burns.

Antibacterial and bioactive silver-containing Na2O x CaO x 2SiO2 glass prepared by sol-gel method.

Samsung front load washers make use of silver to kill bacteria (Silvercare) so.. how about a spin in a front load washer?

As of now, less than 1000 people worldwide have died from this virus. More people die from the common cold in a week, every week, year round. More also die from viruses with less media friendly names.

Remember the TB superbug from a while back? Two people had the "superstrain" and got treated for it, and the world was treated to a month long pandemic scare. Sheesh. Turn off your tv.

ha ha ha jc couldn't have said it perfectly. seems that whenever there is someone on the 'hot-plate' for answers something is always available to distract.

I swear the news reporters/casters/writers work for the show LOST and it's all gone "A-WALL"



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