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Is Pinkberry good for you?

April 21, 2009 |  5:19 pm


It’s getting hot. You think, I’ll stop at my local frozen yogurt shop. You rationalize: It’s better for me than ice cream. But is it?

What’s the nutritional value of Pinkberry?

Let’s run down the facts.

Pinkberry — the self-proclaimed “soft swirls of chilly bliss with a distinct pouty peak” — now has three flavors: original, green tea and pomegranate.

The original variety has 28 calories per ounce, green tea has 32 calories per ounce, and pomegranate has 34 calories per ounce. Not too bad, it seems. But buyer beware. A large Pinkberry contains 3.8 servings, meaning you could slurp down almost 400 calories without realizing it. And that doesn’t include the delicious toppings. Add chocolate chips, coconut and Cap'n Crunch on top of your swirly goodness and that could be half your calories for the day.

On the other hand, there are only 150 calories in a small original with no toppings. Not a terrible treat on a blazing hot California day.

Beyond calories, Pinkberry frozen yogurt contains no fat, no saturated fat and no trans fat. All good signs.

But the stuff is not completely guilt-free. Sugar? The original has 20 grams per serving. Carbs: 21 grams per serving. On the up side, the original also has 3 grams of protein per serving.

Interestingly, the yogurt carries the seal of approval from the Natural Yogurt Assn., as it contains active live cultures.

If you are an ingredient reader, here is what is actually in the original:
Nonfat milk, sugar, cultured pasteurized nonfat milk with live and active cultures, contains less than 2%: cultured nonfat milk powder, fructose, dextrose, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, guar gum, maltodextrin, mono- and diglycerides, lactoglycerides, propylene glycol esters, rice starch, and silicon dioxide (for anticaking).

Might make for a fun summer lunch. Happy eating.

-- Lori Kozlowski

Photo credit: Stefano Paltera /  For The Times

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Comments (25)

So this article doesn't answer it's own question, IS PINK BERRY GOOD FOR YOU?
It is if you only good for you if you order a tiny bit and it isn't if you order like 99% of the people.
My conclusion would have to be NO, IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU.
I guess it's up to the reader to decide if it's heal;thy or not.

well honestly i prefer pink berry than Starbucks or Coffe bean and probably is not 100 % healthy but still good for me. i love yogurt. free fat

nearly 80 grams of sugar??? ok I'm definitely off the fro-yo bandwagon

It's people. Pinkberry is made out of people.

"Pinkberry" is a highly processed manufactured food product with tons of sugar presenting itself as yogurt. Mixing in "live active cultures" does not a yogurt make, no matter what the "Natural" Yogurt Association would like to say. Eat it if you absolutely must, but don't lie to yourself and pretend it's healthy food (or even really food for that matter).

Pinkberry may as well be made out of people. This stuff isn't yogurt. Look at the Pinkberry ingredient list and compare it to the ingredient list of plain, whole milk yogurt at your local market. Go one better, look at the ingredient list of yogurt produced by a mom 'n' pop operation, two ingredients: Milk and starter culture.

Besides, hasn't anyone else noticed that Pinkberry has a metallic aftertaste?

It's not just that it contains sugar, the sugar in the product is actually FRUCTOSE, as stated in the article. That, in addition to the artificial flavors and other un-natural ingredients are enough to turn me off.

I'll stick to more natural products for a healthier refreshment.

All this talk about Pinkberry reminded me of how much I love it. Of all the things I put in my body, this one is not only pleasurable but it isnt unhealthy. I'm running out my office door to get me a pomegranate and orgininal swirl with fruit on it. Yum, yum.

Does it matter? One of (anything) every once in a while ain't gonna kill you.

Pinkberry is so unhealthy for our bodies, and just because they label it green tea or pomegranate, they trick people into thinking that they are actually getting a healthy alternative. It's far too overpriced as well, and I agree with others , when they say to stay away.

Silicon dioxide? Pinkberry contains glass?! no thanks.

Pinkberry is not Soylent Green. Stop with the analogy.

Not particularly healthy--I've looked at their nutritional info before and decided 20g of sugar *per serving* is a bit much. "Fat-free" is deceptive; they'll always make up the difference elsewhere (like with more sugar).

I'd personally prefer a much lighter dose of sugar and get a tarter taste anyway, with some optional additional natural sweetness from a fruit topping.

Also, why the artificial flavors? Not the end of the world but is that really necessary? And if Pinkberry doesn't tout the fact they use rbST-free or antibiotic-free milk, it's more than likely in at least some of their suppliers' milk. No thanks.

I have repeatedly noticed that the way the servers swirl the Pinkberry yogurt, it leaves a pocket of air in the center and therefore does not provide a full serving. This has happened multiple times at different locations and after I asked one of the servers about it they assured me that they always weigh the yogurt to ensure the right amount. However, I have NEVER seen them weigh it. At the prices they charge, they need to provide a full serving. I feel like I am getting ripped off.
I called the customer service dept and they told me this should not be happening.
Anyone else notice this???

Try Red Mango instead. Their yogurt is actually all natural, unlike Pinkberry, has live and active cultures, and is certified kosher. It doesn't have that weird after taste either. I have had both, and many other yogurt places mmm, but Red Mango truly is the best if you're looking for a tart and healthy yogurt. Also, a small only has 90 calories and 18 grams of sugar.

Pinkberry is so overrated and just plain trendy. Pinkberry SUCKS.

> Add chocolate chips, coconut and Cap'n Crunch on top of your swirly
> goodness and that could be half your calories for the day.

1100 calories in "toppings"?

I doubt anyone is doing that very often.

Not sure how healthy it would be for the body, but what the hell is the big deal about 400 calories? That's gone in an hour of exertion.

Propylene glycol? That's antifreeze. Who puts antifreeze in a frozen treat, anyway?

FroyoTruth, Fructose is not the same thing as High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Time to get off the Pinkberry bandwagon everyone! Wah-wah.

I'm with Mitleid, it does have a metallic after taste. I don't understand what people see in it.

Go YogurtLand! stated Fructose isn't high fructose corn syrup. Its fruit sugar, which is actually one of the more complex sugars (meaning its not as high glycemic).

So actually, while the sugar content is rather high, its likely to be very refreshing and will help refill glycogen stores in muscles, say after a workout or a run.

Some of that other stuff at the end there doesn't sound so delicious tho..

Thank you for this!

I've been wondering all week

- A J R


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