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And now for some help analyzing healthcare in California ...

April 20, 2009 |  3:09 pm

Voters ... at least as it pertains to ballot measures.

Today's story by Eric Bailey,  "Propositions 1D, 1E ask voters to think again," explains the goals of propositions 1D and 1E on the upcoming May 19 special election ballot -- and puts them in some historical context.

The measures would take money from programs intended to benefit young children and the mentally ill and use it to help balance the state's out-of-whack books. Voters had approved the programs' funding in recent years; now they're being asked to approve their un-funding.

The story quotes Larry Gerston, a San Jose State political science professor, as saying: "The voters have been as responsible for this budget mess as anyone else. ... Election after election, they have authorized money for this or that. And it ties the hands of the Legislature at budget time."
So if you're feeling guilty, curious or rebelliously analytical, head over to before you make a decision.

Offered by the California Healthcare Foundation and the Center for Governmental Studies, the nonpartisan site provides not just non-inflammatory overviews (rare enough) and the official ballot summaries and arguments, but also an analysis and history of each measure as well as information on just who's giving money to the campaigns.

-- Tami Dennis

Photo: Voters cast ballots in the November election, likely to prove a higher-participation event than the upcoming one.

Credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times