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Storytelling, E.R. use and ear wax explained -- Editor's Picks

September 22, 2008 |  9:06 am

Need answers? Check out these explanations to sundry questions from elsewhere on the Web:

From Scientific American: The secrets of storytelling: Why we love a good yarn

"Psychologists and neuroscientists have recently become fascinated by the human predilection for storytelling. Why does our brain seem to be wired to enjoy stories? And how do the emotional and cognitive effects of a narrative influence our beliefs and real-world decisions? The answers to these questions seem to be rooted in our history as a social animal."

From Slate: The allure of the one-stop shop

"The real reasons why people go to the E.R. when they shouldn't: If you believe the conventional wisdom, the E.R. abusers of our nation are especially responsible for many problems in health care.... The problem is that this story of the healthy, cavalier uninsured E.R. abuser is largely a myth."

From NPR: Science out of the box: The joy of ear-cleaning

"Doctors agree you shouldn't clean your ears by sticking Q-tips in them. Otolaryngologist Dennis Fitzgerald explains why it feels so good and why it's so bad."

-- Tami Dennis