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EGYPT: Hosni Mubarak has stomach cancer, his lawyer says

 Mubarak-3Toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has cancer, according to his lawyer, who disclosed the news less than two months before Mubarak is to stand trial, accused of financial corruption and allowing security forces to kill hundreds of protesters who rallied against his regime in February. 

Mubarak, who has been hospitalized since suffering a heart attack in April, has been in ill health for years. Reports that he may have cancer surfaced in 2010, when the 83-year-old former leader had a growth removed from his intestine during gallbladder surgery.

Mubarak’s lawyer, Farid Deeb, told Reuters of the former president condition on Monday, referring to a medical report filed with the court. Deeb was quoted as telling Agence France-Presse that Mubarak has "stomach cancer and the tumors are growing."

The announcement contradicts comments last week by an Egyptian medical official, who denied that the former leader had a serious illness. “Whatever has recently been said about the deterioration of Mubarak’s health is rumors,” Dr. Adel Adawi, an assistant to the minister of health, told the Arab media.

Activists and opposition leaders have been suspicious of reports on Mubarak’s health, fearing that his condition is being made to look more dire than it is in an effort by his supporters to keep him from trial. Mubarak and his sons, Alaa and Gamal, are expected to be tried in early August for allegedly defrauding the country and allowing government forces to kill more than 840 Egyptians during 18 days of demonstrations.

“Mubarak and his sons are the symbol of all the corruption carried out under his rule,” said Ismael Zakareya, a teacher. “The importance of his trial is not just to punish him, but it will be to set a great example to any ruler or official who will come to power after him. This revolution will lose a large part of its essence if he and his sons are not sentenced.”

Gamal Mubarak, once expected to be his father's successor, and Alaa are in Tora Prison on the outskirts of Cairo. The former president is in custody in a hospital in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh. His wife, Suzanne, was released from detention after agreeing to turn over about $4 million in assets. She remains under investigation.


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-- Jeffrey Fleishman in Cairo

 Photo: Hosni Mubarak. Credit: Reuters


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To commonman13,
This butchering practice do predate not only Islam but also Judaism and majority of world cultures! Since they're small scale butchers, they don't want to leave coagulated bloods in carcasses (halal thing!) and also it's much easier to cut carcasses with no blood to begin with, industrial meat processors on the other hand don't have a time to wait for blood to drain naturally before moving to another kill and beside they don't care about religious rituals since they're in business of processing more carcasses per hour!
I can appreciate your preference for vegetarians, nevertheless criticizing this butchery practice can be fairly mentioned for other religions and cultures too, and at a same time will leave out bigotry innuendos out of your argument!

This guy has had everything from a heart attack, to a stroke, and multiple cancers since he was deposed. It was the same story with El Abidine of Tunisia and a more imaginative misfortune for Yemen's Saleh. There seems to be a despot's handbook these guys are following to the letter.

Why not let him die in peace ? the key now is to make sure the sons don't get any political aspirations.

All that Halal meat is not that good, Muslims. Slaughtering animals when they are conscious is a rotten thing to do. I just wish all meat eaters get this cancer. Long live goats and cows.

Why the son? this Muslims like killing even their own.

The best thing to do is make him remain in Egypt and seek treatment there. While him and his family pilfered billion of dollars of money that should have been used for Hospitals, and clean water and educating kids...he did not.He should have to reap what he sowed and do not let him go to a foreign country for treatment.

Hope he suffers for the pain he caused to his own people.


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