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BAHRAIN: Sunni detainee still held under mysterious circumstances

Emergency law was lifted Wednesday in Bahrain but Mohamed Albuflasa remains in jail. Albuflasa Imprisoned the first week of Bahrain’s demonstrations when the protest movement believed it might extract reforms from the island’s monarchy.

What makes him different from the other imprisoned demonstrators is his unique status as a conservative religious Sunni Muslim. Most of those detained as a result of the recent demonstrations are Shiites along with some secular Sunni politicians. Albuflasa is a follower of the fundamentalist Salafist school in Islam. 

The 34-year-old shared a belief with the protesters that the country needed greater democracy and reform, so he stood among the country’s Shiite majority on the first days of the protests at the Pearl Square roundabout.

But as he soon as he spoke of solidarity with the protesters, a security agency detained him.

Now nearly four months later, he remains in detention. He had been brought before a military court with no access to a lawyer or witnesses in late February. At the time, his family believed Albuflasa was sentenced to two months in jail, but long afterwards he continues to be held.

Albuflasa called his wife a few days ago and told her he would no longer be allowed to make phone calls from jail and was starting a hunger strike in response, his brother Rashed told The Times.

Albuflasa's family believes he is being punished because the government wants to reprimand Sunnis who had supported the pro-democracy demonstrations in Manama that were led by the island's Shiite majority. “When Mohamed came to the roundabout, it was like a surprise and a big attack for the government. They thought, ‘How could one of our guys go to the roundabout?’ Now they are making him pay the consequences,” his brother Rashed said.


Timeline: Repression in Bahrain

After crushed protests, Bahrain is accused of increased oppression of Shiites

-- Ned Parker in Baghdad



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Dear All, Mohammed Albulasa from Albuflasa family and he from this family since more than 4 previous generation and matter who want to give dought on the same as he is not in need of any approve on this regards.
Regarding Mohammed speech can some one tell me what he say wrong on his speech ??? Or it's just because he stand at round about and release speech ???
I have heard what Mohamed say and I don't really listen hevsay some thing wrong against the regim or against any one.
Mohammed is fully agree on the rights of the royal family on kingdom of Bahrain and he have full power loyalty on the same to royal family.

All what he call for is just improving living standard and plan reforms !!!
If Mohammed was attending in Alfateh , I guess there will be no problems at all
I guess every one need moment of wake up and think very carefully in what's going on around of them

What makes him different is not because he’s a Sunni or a shi’ite, it’s because he works for the defense force. But I’m sure you knew that but didn’t want to enlighten your readers with it, I’m sure you thought it won’t sell and went for the sectarian story. And don’t tell me that in your country this doesn’t happen to military guys as it just happen to one of yours who leaked documents to wiki leeks.
So this makes your story a false report. The truth is coming out little by little and all of you who lied to make a name out of Bahrain events will be the biggest losers in the end.

Thanks for standing with the Justice and showing the truth to the world. Yes, it is true that Sunnies and Shias had participated in the Peaceful demonstrations, but because the majority of the population is shia (88 percent), the Sulafies publish that it is a shia-revolution supported by Shias countries and organizations (like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon). Buflasa is not the only sunni participated against the injustice being practiced in Bahrain, Dr. Nadia Sherawi (whom is punished just for crying for the death of the wounded victim), Dr. Ahmad Jamal, mr. Ibrahim Sharif, Dr. Muneera Fakhro, Dr. Ali Fakhro, Sami Seadi, thousands of sunnies all share the same ideas and stand againist the injustice practiced in the country.

thanks to Ned Parker , your professional work is amazing! to the extent that someone like Monther Majed forgot of being talking to the univers by his tribal mentality!? that's when he said about Mr.Albuflasa :" this person dose not belong to this family at all"! this action will drag hundreds of issues from the underdeveloped nomadic mentality !
well , as far as with the universal concern "who cares to which family does this hero belong to?"
even if I talk with him by his shameful mentality "excuse me for doing so!", I know & I am sure that the purely arabic Albuflasa tribe are very proud of theire sun & for what he did.

Thanks to write about detains in bahrain

Mohammed's speech at the Pearl Roundabout and solidarity with the opposition, is the biggest proof that the opposition in Bahrain is not sectarian and that includes the Sunnis and Shiites

Bahraini Mohammed system thrown in jail for silence every free voice of the Sunni sect

Fear of being sucked to the people of the Sunni sect Pearl Roundabout with their fellow Shiites sect

We demand the release of all who detained during the uprising in Bahrain including Mohammed Albuflasa who showed to the world the true Bahrainies regardless of their relegious beleives and that all Bahrainis Sunna and Shia'a are one hand against unjustice.
Thanks indeed for your article.

First of all I would like to know why you people in the west insist on using the words Shiite Majority? What are the bases for that?
Regarding Mohamed Albuflasa, he is not as you described him a conservative religious Sunni Muslim, and he dose not follow Salafist school in Islam, nor represent any Sunni Group, but himself only. What I gathered from people from the Albuflasa Family, this person dose not belong to this family at all, he had always claimed that he comes from this family and they confirmed it that he dose not. This person has a long history of trouble making; he simply likes to be the centre of attention. When the Shiite terrorists started causing problems in Bahrain in the period between 2004-2010, he was calling among his friends for their deportation from Bahrain.
Did you ask your sources and his family where dose he work? You get an answer and you will know why he was brought before a military court.
I don’t understand how you take the position of one person as a big attack on the Government, I don’t know where you learned your math, when one person is considered to form a threat to the government, what about the 300,000 sunnis who went to the AlFateh in support of the Government.
I suggest that you stop looking at the issue from these terrorists side, and start to listen to the other side, these terrorists are not prodemocracy peaceful protesters, these are people who terrorized and held the whole country hostage for a month, and wanted to topple the government of Bahrain. They have ties with Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah. Now if you in the west think that the Arabian Gulf will be better off under an Iranian control, then simply present this to the UN, and clearly state your position on the issue.
And one more thing, It’s not called the Pearl Square Roundabout, its called the Gulf Cooperation Conical Roundabout(GGC roundabout for short)you can check that for your self on Bahrain Maps, it was never called Pearl Roundabout.
I advise you to seek the truth and not to be deceived by these terrorists and only then publish it.

Bahrain people demands to free him, the brutal regime just want to mute all the voices that against it no matter if they are Sunni or Shiite.

Albuflasa was not the only sunni person who participated in Bahrain latest peaceful protests , but he is a leader. He represent those who elected him in his participation in some public events. Any way , he is the stark proof that the revolution demands are universal not sectarian. thanks to L A Times and to the American citizens .

With all the atrocities the Bahrain incompetent, inept Govt. has done with the Pakistan-Saudi-Gulf country imported thugs to their own citizens; I am not surprised.
By Grace of God next winter the Bahrain, Algeria and mother of all evils Saudi government will be tarnished into history. Yemen is already gone, Libya is at the edge. People in Mid-East have realized "Liberty will not descend on them; they will have to raise up to Liberty".

He is Sunni but since he is not liberal so he is Islamist. Any way this guy is soilder and I really support him and his family for his great action to support the democracy. He warn goveRnment not to brought meceneries from outside and not to steal the money. Alboflasa family should know and be sure that all Shia people in Bahrain are standing with you. Free buflasa

It seems funny that the subtitle under Babylon & Beyond is Observations from Iraq, Iran, Israel, the Arab World and Beyond? Isn't Iraq part of the Arab World?

Mohammed Al Buflasa was the first detainee since the start of Bahrain revloution which proves that the Bahrain revloution was not sectarian as the Bahraini regime claimes
There are also other Sunni detainees for expressing there political opinion such as Ebrahim sharif
we even have a Sunni doctor was arrested to show her grief and emoutions by crying one of the Martyrs of Bahrain that was shooted with a bullet in the head and now she will have go throgh a military court

there is just no justice in Bahrain!

Mohammed Al Buflasa is not a salafist!
he is just sunni!


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