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SYRIA: Video shows Assad's uniformed gunmen opening fire on demonstrators

An extraordinary piece of video footage that surfaced on the Internet in the last 24 hours appears to show uniformed Syrian security forces loyal to the regime of President Bashar Assad and his family opening fire on protesters in the city of Hama on Friday.

Syria-gunman-youtube At one point, even the amateur cameraman filming the scene with his cellphone camera comes under direct fire.

The video paints a picture of scenes of pandemonium on the streets of Hama, which was the site of a brutal 1982 massacre ordered by Assad's father, Hafez Assad.

Thousands, possibly tens of thousands, were killed in an attempt to quell an uprising against the Assads and instill fear in people living in what human rights activist then described as one of the most brutal and corrupt police states on the planet.  

Still, the people of Hama have been taking to the streets, demanding the downfall of Assad's regime. Spokespeople for Assad claim that unidentified "armed groups"are responsible for the violence, a claim rebuffed by independent observers and flatly contradicted by video footage circulating online.

The incident above took place near the city's passport office.

-- Los Angeles Times

Video: Cellphone video appears to show uniformed Syrian security forces opening fire on protesters in Hama. Credit: YouTube

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What people are you thinking?What will happen to Assad and his family and ruling circus of present gang, if he relents his power and go the way Mubarak has? First of all if he is not jailed then he'll be looking for a job, because he'll need to pay for the rent just like real folks in free society do. Support his wife's, many and many of them! Waking up early mornings to start his shift at 5am and then get stuck in the traffic on the way back home at around 8pm. Come home and go through the line of people outside his house the Hisballah boys that are sent by orders from Iran. You see Iranians never forget! that once Assad said no to Iran. Do you remember when Iranians wanted Hisballah and Hamas and Syria to attack Israel from 3 sides and Assad said NO! Well the payback will be from Iran and then the Arabs will take the next position in line, yes those Arabs who call themselves Pal-Iam-Not-Steril-Enough-nianssssssssss.Remember his daddy culled about 30,000 of them and left their bodies in the middle of the street and then paved the road over the 30,000 dead Pal-Iam-Not-Steril-Enough-nianssssssssssssssssss. They'll be in line. Oh, boy he does not have lots of choices as I can see, he'll start culling his own people on a grander scale. Because this is the only way he has a chance to stay in his palace and not go to work at 5am in the morning just like normal human beings do in the real world. I suggest you guys leave the country for now as blood will run quicker than the nearest river of "Egypt".

S O'Neill and Pirouz,

are you seriously intimating, that what we see in the video clip
are the normal crowd control procedures and techniques
we are familiar with in Western Europe or in North America?

Are you honestly insinuating that ergo
the numerous demonstrators killed in the prime of their life
must consequently have died of
old age, high blood pressure, apoplexy, cardiac infarct or malnutrition?

Just in case - here you'll find a handy definition of the lexeme 'preposterous':

I can see by your comments, (S. ONeill and Pirouz,) that you've both really taken some time to consider all sides of the situation and have come to a fair intelligent assessment of the situation in Syria and the Middle East. ( that was sarcasm in case you missed it,) It is heartening to realize how many freedom loving Americans are anything but.

More Clinton driven propaganda
Look its not some Gung Ho Rambo type movie where the only crackshots are the 'heros' if the camera operator came under direct fire they would be dead for it seems from the footage they've taken they are a sitting duck in the direct line of fire

The initial figure in the green fatigues appear to be using a shotgun, I would guess using less-lethal loads. If the intention were to use lethal loads, an assault rifle would be a more logical choice.

The armored policemen that follows appears to be equipped with a smoke discharger.


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