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WEST BANK: Palestinians call on U.N. to implement 1967 borders proposal

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas expressed disappointment with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday and said the Israeli leader's comments had dealt a blow to efforts to resume peace talks.

An emergency meeting of the Palestinian Authority was held Wednesday in response to Netanyahu’s speech and recent speeches by President Obama on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in which the president endorsed the idea of using 1967 borders between Israel and the Palestinian territories, with mutually agreed land swaps, as a basis to revive peace talks.

Though Netanyahu rejected the idea, Palestinians on Wednesday called upon the U.N. Security Council to accept and implement Obama's proposal.

Abbas said at the meeting he hadn’t given up on revival of talks with Israel but would not hesitate to go to the U.N. in September -- Palestinians’ deadline for progress -- to ask the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly to recognize a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, in spite of strong U.S. opposition to that move.

Abbas added that going to the U.N. was not “intended to isolate Israel or to de-legitimize it.”

-- Maher Abukhater in Ramallah, West Bank

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Palestinians should ask for and receive UN protection including observers and peacekeepers from Israeli provocations, terrorism, and aggression.

@JoJo: Please add to my profile for Zionist-thuggish threat and intimidation:
the State of Israel is an artificial entity built primarily on Zionist lies, deception, myths, racism, messianic emotions, wealth, British imperialism, Bolshevikism, Jewish terrorism, Zionist-Nazi nexus, the holocaust industry, cold war power politics, neo-colonialism, occupation, human rights violations, repression, South African apartheid, ethnic cleansing, genocide, military aggression ...

Does this mere listing answer your simplex question?

Worlds Apart / David Horvitz

It was never about his middle name or the color of his skin or even the views of his former spiritual leader. Israeli concerns about Barack Obama’s presidency have always revolved around the question of whether he “gets” the Middle East – whether he fully internalizes the ruthlessness of those in this region who are trying to wipe us out, and the relentlessness with which they have been battling for decades to do so.

And as his presidency has continued, the series of disputes he has had with our prime minister have only exacerbated Israeli worries.

Binyamin Netanyahu is neither a beloved prime minister nor one whose policies and leadership style enjoy anything approaching automatic consensual support. But to take, as prime examples, the two fundamental areas where we have witnessed the president and the prime minister profoundly and publicly at odds – first, over how best to make progress on the twin aims of thwarting Iran and advancing Israeli- Palestinian reconciliation, and now over the imperatives born of the dizzying Middle East turmoil – it seems safe to say that most Israelis believe Netanyahu has been reading the region more accurately than Obama.

For the full very enlightened article, please click here:

Stefano888 said: "It is the least the UN can do to correct one of the greatest and most bizarre injustices done to a people in the modern era."

Do you mean the creation of the Jewish State, or the failure of Egypt and Jordan to create the State of Palestine in Gaza and the West Bank, with Jerusalem as its capitol between 1948 and June 1967?

With you, it's hard to know.

The UN General Assembly vote, if it occurs, will be heavily in favor of the Palestinians, say, for--160, against--15, abstain--20. It is the least the UN can do to correct one of the greatest and most bizarre injustices done to a people in the modern era. The UN Security Council is another story. The US, UK, and France are clearly Zionist dominated nation-states and each of them has veto power. Hence, a special avenue for statehood might have to be used or created.

Bruce Applegate, where's your evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is burning churches? That's a very serious accusation you're making.

Barry, UN with approximately 200 members can see and sort through exaggerated bazaari demands of both side to come up with fair solution, return of Palestinians to pre 1967 Israel proper is as ridicules demand as Israel demand to keep East Jerusalem, justice by definition applies for all sides!

NB zionist apologists (read twice)

Abbas added that going to the U.N. was not “intended to isolate Israel or to de-legitimize it.”

"Obama gives aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, the same orginazation that is burning churches in Egypt. He really is lost, giving away valued and needed money we can use in the U.S.A. to aid terrorists, who have already said all peace agreements are null and void. They are burning churches. How in the world do they get away with that and get aid? "

The world had said it's word
The UN has already said it's word
What is left Joe is simply to get into a peace deal with concern to both sides needs.
We call this negotiations not a pre-negotiations solution dictate ,the Palestinians have road map they have UN support ,they want to play a "double game" one for getting their country and the second by implementing the world sympathy and help to get another country by pushing forcibly "million refugees" into Israel and by that get two countries. This trick will never work and the US and Eu are after a Palestinian state aside Israel.

At least Palestinians know what they want which is a sovereign country within pre 1967 borders, Israel government on other hand don't declare or don't know what they want, for them one state solution are unacceptable since they will have to abide by will of majority and two state solution is also unacceptable since they have to give up real state they took in 1967, facts are no one can deport millions to other foreign lands and no one can keep millions under foreign military occupation for ever in 21st century for sake of falsely argued security concerns since in a world of cheap missiles there are no land in the world is large enough to guarantee security, only mutually agreed justice and peace can guarantee security for all, therefore UN general assembly as a collective will of world community have to step in and end this apartheid regime in occupied Palestine!

Amazing how fast the Palestinians leadership can convene an 'emergency meeting' of their staff and issue a decision, but made the Israelis wait nine months out of ten to come to the peace table and brought nothing but demands and no concessions. Give them nothing in September but a big fat veto.

I'm sure the vote is going to be over the Jewish High Holy Days just intended to stir up anxieties and detract from Jewish worship - won't work, we have 'kavanah'.

It is about time the U.N. recognize the sovereign state of Palestine. It was entirely fine in 1947 for the U.N. to unilaterally create Israel out of Palestine real estate even with Israel having two terrorist organizations, the Irgun and Lehi at the time. Netanyahu does not want peace and never has. His actions speak volumes as he consistently seeks to embarrass the Obama Administration and violate international law expanding illegal settlements and slaughtering Palestinian civilians. It is up to the world body to isolate Israel for it belligerence and violations of international law and recognize Palestine as a sovereign nation with all the rights that implies. If Israel wants recognition and peace then let it adhere to the boundaries the U.N. set in'47.

Why weren't they clamoring for a state when Jordan was occupying "the West Bank"? Why were the "Palestinians" perfectly content then to be Jordanians? If they want to be given a state, let Jordan give it to them.


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