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LIBYA: Tripoli hit hard by NATO air attack


First came the roar of fighter jets, then a bright flash on the horizon, and then the impact.

It happened at least a dozen times in Tripoli early Tuesday, starting about 1 a.m. The successive concussions stunned a capital that had been struck before during the Western-led bombing campaign, but never this hard.

Click here for an interactive map highlighting daily developments in the Middle East and North Africa Before long, an angry crowd had gathered outside the hotel where foreign journalists were staying, waving green flags and shouting in defiance of the bombardment.

Journalists were taken in a bus to Tripoli Central Hospital, where, officials said, many of the 150 wounded were treated. The three confirmed dead--martyrs, the government spokesman called them--were laid out on gurneys in a small room.

All three victims appeared to be men in their 20s or 30s. Photographers filed in and out to photograph them. Each one had massive head wounds. Blood oozed onto the floor. Their clothes were covered with dust from the rubble.

Doctors endeavored to treat patients amid the chaos. One man who was wheeled by had a deep gash in his head. Physicians tried to revive an unconscious teenager.

The Communications Ministry provided extra security for the journalists. In Iraq and elsewhere, angry family members of the dead or injured have been known to lash out at Western media representatives.

An enraged resident, Fathallah Salem, a father of seven, confronted the news crews and reporters. He said he had brought his mother, 75, to the hospital. She was suffering from shock, he said.

“I thought it was judgment day,” Salem 45, said of the bombing barrage. “We have our problems in Libya, but we can work them out ourselves.”

He veered off into politics, saying the bombing would increase support for Moammar Kadafi. More wounded were wheeled in. Hospital staffers chanted nationalist slogans. It was time to go. The bombing seemed to have stopped.

Later, NATO issued a news release from Naples, Italy, from where many of its warplanes take off.

The alliance said NATO aircraft “using a number of precision-guided weapons” had struck “a regime vehicle storage facility” next to Kadafi’s fortified Bab Azizia compound. The storage site, NATO said, had been used to resupply regime forces “that have been conducting attacks against innocent civilians.”

A Libyan government spokesman said the bombs struck a “popular guard,” or reservist, facility. No one was on site, the spokesman said, since an attack had been expected. The casualties, he said, lived in nearby buildings.

“NATO aircraft,” the alliance said, strike with precision and care to minimise [sic] the risk of collateral damage to the fullest extent possible.”


Tripoli's medina is the heart of the Libyan capital

British, French attack helicopters en route to Libya

Obama asks Congress for resolution on Libya

-- Patrick J. McDonnell in Tripoli, Libya

Photo: Smoke rises above buildings in Tripoli early May 24, 2011. Credit: Louafi Larbi / Reuters.

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latimes, why you don't post my comment?

Ameer- If its long live Kaddafi, then why don't you move back there? Why are you here, expressing freedoms of speech that you couldn't possibly enjoy in Lybia on the best of days? Why don't you get your behind in Tripoli, stay by one of his palaces and guard it? Perhaps you will have better success catching the bombs than being a giant HYPOCRITE on the message boards?

LOSERS. This is like the Nazis coming out and crying about the dead when Berlin was being bombed.

I have no sympathy for these people, still in Tripoli, supporting who they very well know is a monster, a tyrant and a murderer of epic proportins. If they want to die in Tripoli supporting the mad dog, SO BE IT.

Its OK when NATO attacks a tyrant who has killed thousands worldwide. USE YOUR BRAIN, JANE.

Thank you, Ron for your post, my opinion is completely the same! This is shame what they are doing and they are war criminals even worse the Ghadaffi. Oh, they will say - you ca freely express your self and that is "democracy". But then in democracy people really decide! What we have is false freedom of speech and plutocracy!

So it is ok when NATO does it?

NATO launches massive Libya strike (Washington Post)Tripoli is rocked by at least 15 huge explosions, many concentrated near Moammar Gaddafi’s compound. Senators introduce measure supporting force [ ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (saw that film – the empire’s the bad guys) at … ] A storm season on a deadly path As the death toll hits 116, the latest tornado in Missouri has experts asking why 2011 has spawned so many deadly storms, with many blasting heavily populated areas. (WP) [ … God’s Wrath … as good an explanation as any, especially when taking into account the innocent blood on former empire, pervasively corrupt, defacto bankrupt america’s hands … Signs of the apocalypse [Previous: ‘End of Days’ message rolls into D.C. (WP) The potentially rotten news that the world will end on May 21 arrived plastered on a caravan of RVs. [ Gee … little premature … you know, that 2012, end of Mayan calendar, Nostradamus thing … I previously weighed in / wrote: Why do Americans still dislike atheists? (WP) [ And not just americans … Why? First and foremost because there is a God. Second, it is intellectually dishonest to be an atheist. Specifically, there is absolutely no evidence to dispute the existence of God. While one might similarly argue that there is no evidence to suggest there is a God (which I would dispute), which for most is a fair statement, the same would yield at best, if intellectually honest, the position of ‘agnostic’. I can totally understand and even empathize with the view of the agnostic. After all, at this point, there seems to be ‘no rhyme nor reason’ at all. But, think binary, positives / negatives. Just too many negatives. Think ‘capital punishment’. No, the world’s not going to end in 2012 as some fear. Rather, think slow burn; decades at best; then ‘poof’. In the scheme of things, this world’s just not that important (apes, notochordates, and initially single celled organisms).

Kadaffi is hiding out and even with his delusions must understand by now that the jig is up and he's going the way of the Dodo bird, sooner rather than later.

NATO casualties and gaddafi's witch hunts?
What sort of idiot compares them?
In all probability all these "long live Gaddafi" people are people on his payroll, seeking to bolster support for him.
NATO must do everything possible to rid the world of this cretin
What about the family of the Brit policewoman who was killed by som gun-wielding Libyan idiot @ the London Embassy?
What about all those killed in the Lockerbie bombing which Gaddafi extolled?

Tyrants have no place in the World. NATO is just making sure of that

U.S., UK and France bomb Libya killing innocent people to steal Libya's oil and tornados hit U.S town killing hundreds. Is God sending a message? Off the coast of West Africa where slaves were shipped to the U.S. hurricanes still come each year causing billions of dollars in damages. God has been sending a message but it's been falling on deaf ears.

Long Live Libya - Long Live Qadhaffi

I am totally disgusted with NATO's mayhem and murder in Libya. NATO tries to stop Gaddafi from killing innocent people who are bent on toppling his government but they in turn are killing innocent people and call it a minimal risk of killing the innocent. This is nothing short of murder and blatant dictatorial actions against a weaker nation whose resources NATO is seeking to possess. May God please stop these evil, satanic men.

Kadafi ; This guy got to understand by now were not going to stop... ( nato )


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