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LIBYA: Moammar Kadafi a 'paranoid' leader in fear for his life, reports say


Moammar Kadafi is a hunted, “paranoid”  leader who spends each night in a different hospital to elude  Western air attacks and presides over a fractured command structure that has difficulty communicating with field units,  according to British news reports Friday citing diplomatic and intelligence sources.

"There is a picture building up of this man who is very paranoid and a regime that's increasingly feeling under pressure and beginning to fracture," said the Guardian.

Kadafi’s commanders have stopped using telephones to avoid being overheard, part of a general communications breakdown that is hampering the regime’s  ability to fight,  British intelligence has informed Prime Minister David Cameron, according to the news accounts.

The reports come as North Atlantic Treaty Organization jets continued to pound Tripoli overnight, with at least five explosions being heard.

There was no immediate word on casualties. The strikes appeared once again to target a wooded, walled-in  complex where NATO says regime vehicles are stored. Libyan officials call the site — which is adjacent to Kadafi’s sprawling fortified Bab Azizia compound near downtown — a reserve guard barracks that is currently unused.

The assault on Tripoli continues even as British and French attack helicopters are said to be moving into the Libyan theater, a significant escalation of the conflict that pits rebels backed by Western air power against Kadafi’s government. The rebels control much of eastern Libya, while Kadafi  holds on to power in the west.

A government spokesman, Musa Ibrahim, said any NATO escalation would be met with stiff resistance from a heavily armed population.

"We will turn it [Libya] into a living hell," Ibrahim warned in comments to reporters here late Friday. "Everyone is armed."

Meanwhile, Kadafi’s government made its latest and most extensive plea to date Thursday for a cease fire.

Speaking in Tripoli, Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Ali Mahmoudi reiterated his government’s desire for a cease fire monitored by international peacekeepers. The government, Mahmoudi said, would be willing to talk with rebel representatives as part of a subsequent program of national reconciliation. The projected talks could result in a new constitution and more democratic form of government, officials here vowed.

"It is not possible for a political dialogue to take place under the dropping of bombs," Mahmoudi said, according to a BBC translation of his comments during an almost two-hour news conference here.

Neither the rebels or their Western allies have accepted previous ceasefire offers, insisting that the regime  must first stop targeting civilians and that Kadafi must leave after more than four decades  in power. Mahmoudi rejected any demand that Kadafi step down.

Libyan officials are pushing the idea that Kadafi could remain in place as a “figurehead” and oversee a democratic transition that would  evolve from a reconciliation process. Mahmoudi dismissed  as "lies and rumors" reports that Kadafi was ailing.

"The leader is in good health, he is conducting all his duties and he is very fit," Mahmoudi said.   “Leader Moammar Kadafi is in the heart of every Libyan. If Moammar Kadafi leaves, all Libyan people will leave."

Patrick McDonnell, in Tripoli, Libya


Timeline: Rebellion in Libya

Libya government proposes Kadafi stay as figurehead

French, British helicopters en route to Libya

Photo: A man moves a poster of Moammar Kadafi from a building in Tripoli that was bombed and burned this week. Credit: Darko Bandic/Associated Press

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Moammar Gaddafi is a MADMAN. Out of fear of meeting his over-well deserved Fate; he as less-than-a-man sits back and lets others die "for him"
Gaddafi is a Coward, and Traitor to the Libyan people.

Gaddafi's henchmen are as Mad as he is.

Yeah ok leave, half the country of libyans are against Kadafi. You meant"If Moammar Kadafi leaves all Libyans will leave HIM(Kadafi).

why do people post complete lies? abdul?

As libyian . we had enough of qaddafi ruling. 42 years of destruction to the country and the people. as simple fact in healthcare there no single new hospital build in tripoli for the last 20 years. most of the population will go for medical treatment to the neighboring countries. the hospital in terrible situation.

Who wouldn't be paranoid after dozens of attempts on one's life? If Qaddafi hadn't moved daily he would have been killed by NATO bombs and he knows it.

Libya under Qaddafi's leadership developed the best healthcare system in Africa with lifespan almost equal to the US. The education system has resulted in the highest literacy rates in Africa - 92% male and 87% female. It is very clear that Qaddafi enjoys significant popular support. It is also clear that significant numbers of Libyans found his rule to be represssive and they desire a more open society. The desires of both groups must be met for peace to prevail in Libya. Resolution of the problem cannot come through a NATO led onslaught against Libyans that support Qaddafi to allow another group to seize power. At stake are billions of dollars of assests and it is not at all clear what motivates the rebel leadership. The majority of countries in the African Union support Qaddafi. They have proposed a ceasefire to which Qaddafi has agreed. The only legitimate goal of NATO at this time should be to support a ceasefire that stops the killing and sets the stage for free and fair elections in which those that now support Qaddafi also have a real choice.

Oh no D'uh!

Let's start another war to steal the Muslims' oil and destroy their cities--it's the Christian thing to do.

Another murderous narcissist willing to fight to the last drop of somebody else's blood. Khaddafi is said to have stolen over 50 billion dollars in Libyan wealth, and most of it is kept in american banks. Freedom for Libya,and death to all dictators.

I want the Libyan civil war to continue so that is devastates their economy. Let's prolong it as much as possible before a conclusion.

Gaddafi, the time is near you lose your power and prestige. You and your family will rue the day you decided to shoot up your own peeps. Even though you will flee, to paraphrase Al Saud , your infamy is behind you, and the grave awaits you.
I have waited for decades for you to fall, now the whirlwind has come for you and you can't stop it. Long live the fighters!!!!!

If people think Obama's Afghan War is bad, wait until they find out the truth about his Libyan War.

Obama's War On African Development for International Bankers

Gaddafi is a cowardly "man". If he were a MAN he would acknowledge "the gig is up." Of course, he's obviously also crazy; so he hasn't a "full-deck" to reason with.
His "army" of "loyalists" are just the better-off-than-most Libyans whose entire livelihood would expire with Gaddafi; thus they "loyally" fight on.
That needs occur is that someone - in a hospital? - come to their senses, realize that Gaddafi is a Traitor to the Libyan people, and Act.


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