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IRAN: Alleged CIA spies included government officials

Government officials were among those netted in an Iranian counterespionage operation that Tehran's intelligence ministry touted this weekend, a news website reported Sunday. 

The semi-official Fars news agency (link in Persian) reported "a number of Iranian government managers" were among the 30 arrested on suspicion of having ties with the CIA. 

Fars quoted "an informed source" as saying a manager of one of Iran's ministries and a number of other officials employed by government bodies were arrested.  

One official had worked at one of Iran's ministries for 25 years and was allegedly gathering information for U.S. intelligence with the aim of immigrating to the West and keeping his son out of military service, the source told Fars.  

The man allegedly had prepared "a very important package about the activities of this body, which included information on ways to sabotage it." But he was foiled by intelligence officers "minutes" before he sent it off, the source claimed to Fars. 

Another official gathered information about "how to blow up and conduct espionage activities" at his employer but was arrested before dispatching the information, Fars said.

Of particular interest to the spy network was information about how Iran was dealing with international economic sanctions and how it was obtaining X-ray machines, the report said. 

-- Los Angeles Times





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All I hear from Iran is "CIA" agents. To them, everyone is CIA. Heck, they do not believe there are other countries who spy? LOL

These could be their own people who want to stop the insanity there. OR they could be some who are not spys - but they will call them that for propaganda, and to rid of people that disagree with them politically, and make up the so called information. They often jail those who disagree with them, and make it hard for any kind of justice. OR they kill them, then say they were "CIA" or a "spy".

I guess there pumping out CIA agents like some on line course. I don't believe a word they say because they lie way too often, and use the CIA thing, or "zionist" thing way too often. Thing is, whenever there is political issues, and someone makes waves - someone is "caught" as a spy. Kind of makes it real hard to know when there is really a foreign spy.

More power to Iran. All we want there is chaos and mayhem. Their independent is a needle in our eyes. WHY are we concern "Where they get their X-ray machine"? Is that what we are trying to deprive the people of Iran from ? It is sad that we are being forced by the forces of the Zionism to stoop to such low levels to pressure Iran and keep them from having a matterial goods that are necessary for their daily medical needs, scientific or even industrial development. How much are we willing to bend to the Zionists demands?

What we are trying to do here is very clear, we want to keep Iran a third world nation and we are going to any extent to strangle that nation from joining the rank of industrial nation in the world in any field. The phony Nuclear scare never been proven and we have said ourselves that Iran is not going to have the bomb. So, why the hostilities then?!

get real.

This is an interesting development - well done Iran in discovering and dismantling CIA/Mossad operations. The traitors are caught and everyone is happy. The Iranian secret police, SAVAK, trained by the CIA and Mossad, did an excellent job - both of the spy agencies should be proud of the Iranian secret service.

What a country Iran has become under the backward mullahs that senior executives of the government allegedly spy to get a visa from foreign country! It tells volumes about hellish environment the regime has created for the people in all layers of society by its own admission. Most probably these people are the ones ousted in the power struggle between wings of the regime. it in a regime run be Orwellian tactics you never know the truth.

This looks more and more like a neo-Stalinist purge by the Iranian government the further one read into it. I'm waiting for Green party members to emerge by the dozens, along with members of the intelligencia of Iranian society, in these series of state run political purges. This has a the feel, and look, like a calculated political distraction because of recent in-fighting between Amadinejad and the Supreme leader.

Nice timing. Obama tells Israel to go back to 1967 border. Israel sez no and then this happens. How many time this crap has to happen until American people realize who their true friends are. Anyone remember Clinton/Arafat/Monica-Luinsky. Just check history for similar incidents in the past 65 years.

so the regime is gonna kill more people, huh?


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