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BAHRAIN: U.S. diplomats call for dialogue as authorities allege protester mowed down policemen


A protester drove his car into a group of policemen during demonstrations Tuesday, injuring nine, four seriously, according to Bahrain News Agency and state television reports.

"Nine police officers were run over in a heinous act carried out by criminal rioters this evening in Nuwaidrat area," the director general of the Police Directorate of the Central Governorate of Bahrain told the news agency.

The director told the news agency that the police officers were on duty at the time they were injured in the Nuwaidrat area, "dealing with a group rioters attempting to provoke riots and acts of vandalism."

The news agency said one of the "rioters" also suffered a head injury.

"As security men were carrying out their duty … and confronting a group attempting acts of tumult and sabotage, one of those involved was injured in the head, and his brother immediately started driving at full speed and running over officers," state television quoted a police official as saying.

State television showed video of a damaged police vehicle and, along with the state news agency,  showed injured men being treated at a hospital.

At least 29 people, all but six of them Shiite Muslims, have been killed since antigovernment protests started in February in the Sunni-ruled Persian Gulf kingdom. Human rights groups  have complained in recent days that protesters have disappeared or have been held without charges and tortured.

On Tuesday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg held talks with Bahrain's foreign and justice minister, the state news agency reported. Steinberg emphasized the importance of "full respect" for human rights and "urged all parties to pursue a path of reconciliation and comprehensive political dialogue."

Earlier, Bahrain's parliament accepted the resignations of the remaining seven lawmakers in the Shiite opposition who left to protest government repression of protests. They submitted their resignations in February, but they had not been formally approved by parliament until Tuesday. The resignations of 11 other Shiite opposition members of parliament were previously accepted.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Cairo

Photo: A Bahraini military medical worker talks to a patient Tuesday night at the Bahrain Defense Forces Hospital in Riffa. Authorities said the patient was a policeman injured Tuesday during clashes with antigovernment protesters. Credit: Hasan Jamali/Associated Press.

That, and the success of peacemaking in Northern Ireland, paved the way for a royal visit that would’ve been anathema not long ago to the many Irish whose ancestors suffered under Elizabeth’s.
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why isn,t there any blod on the car if they say he runover 9 men shuldent there be some blod on the car and if you look closer the tow damegd cars dont mach

Unfortunately, the reports does not mention the other version of the story which is that it wasn't a protester's running over policemen but rather it was a fight and shooting between the policemen themselves. The government tried to hide the truth and made up with this story. There are witnesses from the area where the accident took place saying that it was a fight and shooting amongst the policemen themselves.

the state TV didn't give prove that they were dealing with rioters, no one can leave his house and walk on the street in the village, the halted even praying in mosques

That anarchist Ali could at the least keep quiet. No but he had to keep up the lies.

Molly it is not too late to see what is really happening.

Used by the Bahraini government lies and fabrication plays to describe the opposition of lying

Is it possible for one man runs over 9 people once this is probably only found in Hollywood movies

And at first sight can any simple person That this injury was not caused by a car accident , But they may be due to gunshot .

And the newspaper can consult any specialist to identify this picture from bahrain TV

for more details you can see this video

On the other hand Molly used the typical reporter words like 'alleged' which was missing from the sentimental diatribes in aid of her friends.

Feel sorry for the poor policemen who were trying to fulfill their duties. Understand that they were controlling rioting when this happened.

We in Bahrain have always been saying time and again that the whole movement was not peaceful and that 'peace' was just for the consumption of the western media.

We hope that the Government of Bahrain will bring this situation under control as they have done well previously. It is time that the lies of the anarchist are exposed.

The Government of Bahrain may please note that there will be international pressures but the security of your country is your sole responsibility and if required the responsibility of your security partners.


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