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MUSLIM WORLD: Radical Islamist websites praise and squabble over Bin Laden

On radical Islamist websites, tributes started to pour in for Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda mastermind, who was killed by the U.S. military in Pakistan. The accolades illustrated Bin Laden’s enduring appeal in extremist circles.

On one radical website, called Al Hasahisa, the messages paid tribute to Bin Laden’s legacy as the man who launched the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States and built up networks of jihadists around the globe under the umbrella name Al Qaeda.

“He was like a renewer of Islam. He was eminent not only as a Mujahid [Islamic warrior], but as a religious scholar,” Muntasir Taj wrote online. “So, it is not strange that all of Islam is saying eulogies and sending condolences. Even if he is dead, his sweet-smelling reputation is not. He was like a father for all, he was the Imam of all, and all times.”

Photos: The death of Osama bin Laden

A site called propagated the theory that Bin Laden wasn’t even dead. It compared old pictures of him with a photo of his corpse and concluded the latest images were digitally altered. One Facebook page dedicated to Bin Laden’s memory included promises of revenge. There, a man, named Ayam Omry, wrote  “You worshippers of the Cross, don’t be happy and celebrate a lot. Death will invade you in your homes.”

A notorious Al Qaeda ideologue who goes by the name Asad Jihad2, the Lion of Jihad, weighed in with an online eulogy counseling patience, according to the Associated Press. “Woe to his enemies. By God, we will avenge the killing of the Sheik of Islam," he posted. "Those who wish that Jihad has ended or weakened, I tell them: Let us wait a little bit."

Jihad2, who often comments on religious and doctrinal disputes for Islamic fighters, urged true believers to bide their time. "The battle between us and international tyranny is long and will not be stopped by the martyrdom of our beloved one, the lion of Islam," he added. "How many martyrdom seekers have been born today?"

On at least one militant website, arguments broke out over Bin Laden’s legacy. The arguments showed what a  divisive figure he had become since the Sept. 11 attacks and that day's decade-long aftermath of bloodshed across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“Go to hell, Go to hell Qaeda, nobody is sorry for you,” Hiqooq Ensan wrote on a website called Palestine. His words prompted several heated defenses of Bin Laden.

One user praised Al Qaeda for “launching harmful strikes to the American enemy” and then warned Essan: “You should be afraid of God and you will be punished for the bad words you are saying about Qaeda and Bin Laden.”


Full coverage: U.S. kills Osama bin Laden

Bin Laden had been losing support in Islamic world

Osama may have tried to use wife as shield, officials say

-- Salar Jaff in Baghdad and Ned Parker in Cairo

Photo: A television news broadcast in Kuta, Bali, reports on the death of Osama bin Laden. A radical Indonesian Islamist group on May 2, hailed assassinated the dead Al Qaeda leader as a "martyr" who championed Islam against America. Credit: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP /Getty Images

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Osama was a real coward. He killed innocent people like elderly waiting in queue to collect their pensions. Without any doubt, he will go in the history as one of the most cruel and the biggest bastards of all time.

it is still legal for us Americans, to obliterate and destroy terrorists and murderers like Al-Qaeda.

Al-Zawahari may take Bin Laden's seat for the he is next on the hitlist and to be hit by an American Bullet just like what struck Osama bin Laden.

Who cares what a pack of rabid Islamic cutthroats predictably have to say about the loss of their twisted leader?

Osama's perverted minions are just as sick as he is and clearly deserve a similar fate...

if usama had been killed by American it dos not mattar at all for the most of the muslim either they are fundamentlist or modern because osama was not our hero infact he was american agent who has been utilized by American on differnts fronts

Thank God for our wonderful service men! Kudos must be given to Patreaus who stuck his head on the block in while going after things in Pakistan, what with drones, etc., something the administration was loathe to do as the Pakistanis didn’t like it. (I do wonder how many permission slips they had to get from the folks in D.C before they actually carried out the operation, but that’s just a thought that ran through my mind. Hard to fight when your hands are tied by absurd so called legalities)

All in all a good day! However, normally when one cuts the head off a snake, the body dies. In this case, citing the centuries of radical hatred, etc. that comes from these people, one must still assume the body is whole. The deep rooted hatred not only for Israel, but for anything other than their own views I’m afraid will keep these folks going on their merry way. As such, we must not ease up on the pressure! We go after these bastards until they fold up their tents!

@ Mike, your comments are as idiotic as some of the comments above in the article.
I am a proud Pakistani American muslim. The animals who call themselves muslims and who take pride in killing of innocent women and children are no soldiers of God, they are hypocrites who have granted themselves Licence to Kill cloaking it under Islam. If you Jihadis are really Jihadis then how do you justify killing women, children, innocent non-combatans? how do you justify sending 12-16 year old boys to blow themselves up for heaven but you yourself dont want to go to heaven instead? Your websites are filled with rants about crusaders killing our women and children, well you do the same, you kill our women and children in cities and mosques and gatherings and Hussaniyahs in Pakistan. Who and what gives you the right to come to our lands from other coutries and kill Pakistanis? Why dont you all cowards go back to your own countries and establish Islam there. You are being ruled by tyrants and dictators, why dont you go face them? You wont because the next day your entire families will be send to hell. Its easy for you to come to pakistan and kill our women and children, burn our society to ashes since your families are safe. You are all pi&s who are in any way shape or form included in the death adn destruction of innocment human beings.

Jihadists, you don't really want to see a picture of the corpse, because only the body was buried at sea.

The recovered pieces of Osama's head (two shots through the eye at point-blank range turns most of a brain from solid into liquid) are in a box currently at the White House, and about to be shipped to Crawford Texas as a present for George W. Bush.

What are they squabbling over? Whether Bin Laden's hiding under the skirts of the woman he used as a human shield constitutes "going out with guns blazing" or just cowardice?

Osama admitted he didn't have anything to do with 9/11 but said he did to americans to strike fear in their hearts

next hamas.
thank you.

The Jihadists have such big mouths and such scrawny arms. Their movement will not be silenced for quite some time, perhaps never at all, but they can count on one thing. The peace loving nations of the world will not put up with the virtually genocidal actions of Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations. Their beloved figure-head leader who spent 10 years in hiding was hunted down, they can expect the same to happen to all of Bin Laden's successors. Bin Laden well represented those who follow his lead. For a so-called "Lion" of Islam, he spent a hell of a lot of time hiding and running like a coward and using violance to initiate compliance. Not surprisingly, his followers are also cowards, choosing to fight as insurgents rather than conventionally. The point is, they can talk all they want. Any retaliation against the sane people of the world will only lead to further setbacks and humiliating defeats. Maybe then they'll learn what creatures (not humans) they really are.


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