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WEST BANK: Palestinian development plan looks at period after state creation

When Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad met the donor coordination group for the Palestinian territory, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), on April 13 in Brussels, he presented them with his new National Development Plan (NDP) 2011-2013, titled Establishing the State, Building our Future.

In the foreword of the report, Fayyad wrote: “We stand today on the verge of national readiness for the birth of the State of Palestine. … The journey has been long and arduous, but the end is now in sight –- we are now in the homestretch to freedom.”

Fayyad’s first two-year program, Palestine: Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State, was introduced in August 2009. It envisioned building the institutions for a viable state by August 2011 so that when the Palestinians go to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2011 to demand international recognition of an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, they will be able to convince the international community of their readiness.

Fayyad got a strong boost at the AHLC meeting from three major and credible international bodies: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. All three gave Fayyad’s plan high scores, confirming that the Palestinians will be ready by September to have their own state.

The NDP was designed as a development plan to follow establishment of the state. It builds on what the first plan started. “At this historic juncture in our struggle for freedom,” wrote Fayyad, “implementing the NDP will bring to fruition the effort to build a sovereign Palestine.”

When the donor countries meet in Paris in June to discuss new aid to the Palestinians, the NDP will be on the table. They will be asked to pledge some $5 billion for the plan to work and $500 million to prepare East Jerusalem to become the capital of the Palestinian state.

Ali Jirbawi, the Palestinian official who headed the team that wrote the NDP and the earlier report, discussed the new plan Wednesday with a group of Palestinian representatives of civil society organizations and other government bodies.

He said his team held 240 consultation meetings with the participation of 2,000 people representing various sectors of the Palestinian society to prepare the NDP.

In the end, the team came up with the NDP, which covers four sectors: governance, social, economy and infrastructure.

Jirbawi said the NDP is a development plan that identifies priorities and works on implementing them.

But some of the areas it focuses on, such as rural areas and the Jordan Valley, are part of the West Bank under Israeli military rule, and Israel is not willing at this time to allow the Palestinians to develop or have control over these areas.

Jirbawi and Fayyad recognize that the Israeli occupation remains the major impediment for the implementation of this ambitious plan, not to mention the dream of having an independent state by September. Another impediment is the division between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

One scenario of the plan is that all obstacles facing its implementation, such as the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military checkpoints all over the West Bank, will be removed to allow economic growth.

“The ceiling is ending the occupation so that there will be rapid growth in the economy,” said Jirbawi.

-- Maher Abukhater in Ramallah, West Bank

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palestine setting up their own state on our land stolen in name and place by the romans.
thank you.


The Times is simply reporting on an ongoing effort at what the Palestinians are doing and you automatically take that as an endorsement? Nowhere does it state they are either in favor or against it . Yet another instance of how influenced you are by your own Zionist "induced" agenda.

Yet again another example of why they should be changing the name of the LA Times to the People's Newspaper for the Palestinian Front.

Independance for EVERYONE!!!
Puerto Rico
Islamic Islands of the Phillippines
St. Pierre
and twenty other enclaves of disgruntled groups.

The problem with yet a third Palestinian State is that its simply not cost effective any more than the above would be cost effective as independant nations.

Now, if Israel will just get out of the way – End the Occupation of Palestine, then the Palestinians may achieve not only political independence through a liberal, democratic government but also economic independence – that is, an economy that is not dependent upon Israeli exploitation to function.
These goals are years away, 10 to 20 years, but they are achievable.
The first step is this September’s UN recognition of the State of Palestine.

They have a state it is called JORDAN

No opening of boarders will be had if Hamas and the Militants don't stop bombing Israel. Any state will be with the territories they already inhabit. This prior 67 war territory is no issue and will be kept by Israel Ramalla will become the capital of any Palestinian State if it ever develops.

Fantastic news! finally Israel will have to desist with the Human rights violations, illegal blockade, Illegal occupation and construction.

Netty Yahoo and his Zionist orthodox cronies will be losing sleep over this to be sure. It is also reassuring that several European Nations are fully behind this too.

Statehood for Palestine at last, wahoo!

It's quite a stretch to call organizations like the UN, World Bank, IMF and the Quartet "credible" knowing they intend to "recognize" a PA-controlled "state," even though 60% of the PA's GNP comes from US, EU, UN and World Bank donations. (All those precious tax dollars propping up a Taliban-style terrorist state next door to Israel.) And not to quibble, but why are they rushing to recognize a Palestinian state, when the Roadmap requires the PA, first, to stop terror attacks and incitement against Israel and to recognize the Jewish state? They haven't even tried to meet these obligations. If you ask me, there couldn't be a less credible group of organizations than these. They're about to bring their Frankenstein monster to life in the Middle East. After it terrorizes, and possibly destroys Israel, it will be coming after us.

Im praying for the Palestinians...

Good luck

Palestinians should proceed with statehood from UN by September regardless of any last minute peace talk ploy by Bibi to postpone this legal process, Israeli government will lie as usual about threat from her neighbors and security of her people and further delegitimizing from international community! Firstly non of her close and far neighbors have military capability and desire to attack nuclear armed Israel, secondly less than a dozen Israelis civilian have been killed by Palestinians in last decade a small fraction of road accident deaths inside of Israel, lastly delegitimizing of Israel is direct result of her belligerent and disregard for world community laws and their desires to put an end in to her illegal military occupation of Palestine and delegitimizing will stop when Israel goes back to her pre 1967 borders!

Myths of Israel's insecurity:

"Another impediment is the division between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "

You think ?! As soon as they declare a state there will be a civil war and Hamas will win.

This article is hollow and delusional. In large part of the West Bank's success has been due to Israeli cooperation. With a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, and repudiatin of Oslo II, the economy of the West Bank will fail. This is another example of the Los Angeles times departure from objective journalism into an euphoric Palestinian State. And ofcourse even assuming arguendo there was a palestinian state to speak of, what happened to the pivotal role of a central government, with Hamas in Gaza which is not recognized by the EU or the US. Ofcourse that doesn't matter. This is not journalism it is propaganda. And poor propoganda at that. Whatever happened to the Los Angeles times objectivety?


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